Yes On Proposition 105 Heads To Ballot

building a better phoenix
Building a Better Phoenix gathered signatures to get Yes on Proposition 105 on the ballot.

Opponents of light rail expansion, the coalition of Business and Residents under the organization “Building a Better Phoenix,” were given the green light by an Arizona Appellate Court to take Proposition 105 to the ballot on August 27, 2019.

Yes on Proposition 105 would stop the unpopular light rail expansion city wide in Phoenix. Opponents have argued that stopping the expansion would save many neighborhoods and small business form being displaced or decimated.

Susan Gudino, spokesperson for “Building a Better Phoenix stated, “The Court of Appeals has ruled in favor of “Building a Better Phoenix.” This is another great victory. We will continue with our campaign letting the citizens of Phoenix know about, Yes on Proposition 105 and saving their business and neighborhoods from destruction.”

Phoenix City Councilman Sal DiCiccio applauded the court’s decision in a Facebook post:



  1. Urban light rail that connects blighted areas to affluent low-crime areas basically transports criminals by offering heavily subsidized, anonymous insertion and get-away vehicles for people generally not known for being legally able to retain a driver’s license. Boost ‘n’ Bolt.

  2. If they want to build the light rail
    and not displace businesses; just have
    the Tucson City Council run the show
    for a while.

    In no time those businesses will be closed
    up, blight will set in, and then there should
    be no objection to expanding the money burning
    light rail system into the desolate wasteland
    left behind. Chuck Huckleberry will buy up any
    buildings built with asbestos, and pay well in
    excess of the fair market value, explaining how
    buying those buildings in Phoenix will help
    fix the roads in Pima County.

  3. Must be another group of people that don’t think EVERYTHING revolves around the downtown areas. Good for them.

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