There is No Such Thing as “Safe” Sex for Kids 2.0

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Again, for the “record,” allow me to state my stance clearly and concisely. There is NO kind of sexual activity – heterosexual, homosexual, bi-sexual, any SEXUAL  ̶  that is “safe” for emotionally immature school-aged children – male or female – even those who have reached that miraculous, chronological “age of majority” – 18 years old. Nor do I honestly care how consenting adults choose to privately express their sexual inclinations unless it crosses the line into abusing children or stealing their innocence with public sexual exhibitions or desensitizing and sexualizing children; deluding them that they too can and should be sexually activity.

One might think that because the legislative session has finished and SB1346 – repealing what some referred to as the “no promo homo” statute – was passed and signed, the game of “shenanigans” would be over. But not so fast, now, where the legislature left off, the State Board of Education (SBE) has picked it up and is running with the ball.

Although not disclosed in the “Highlights of Recent State Board Action on April 15, 2019” (and yes, voting to convene an executive session IS a board action) the SBE voted to conduct an executive session to discuss the Board’s position regarding the “Equality AZ” lawsuit over ARS15-716(C) Instruction on AIDS.  ARS 38.431.03(A)(5) & (D) allows for a board to give instruction to their attorney(s) in executive session. A board can, and there are numerous reasons why it should, vote in public to ratify the instruction as discussed in executive session. That did not happen. So we were all left hanging as to what, if anything was happening with regards to the lawsuit.

On April 29th after an executive session there was a “motion to approve the settlement agreement negotiated with the plaintiffs. The settlement required the board to initiate rulemaking proceedings to repeal SBE rule R7-2-303, subpart A.3.b.v “Promote honor and respect for monogamous heterosexual marriage.”  A subsequent agenda item opened rulemaking for public comment and/or recommendations with the offending language struck from the rule.

At 8am on May 20th, prior to the board meeting, a hearing was scheduled to allow for community comments and recommendations on the proposed rule. During the meeting agenda item 5D allowed for possible action to close rulemaking procedures. R7-2-303 Sex Education was presented to the board with the struck language “promote honor and respect for monogamous heterosexual marriage” being the only change.

That is where the real shenanigans began. During her comments – prior to a vote to close rulemaking – Ms. Hoffman requests that rulemaking be “reopened” in June because she “has letters from Senator (Martin) Quezada (D LD29) and a representative (of) GLSEN to share with the board” both of which we now know recommended changes to the rule de jour.  Here in lies the rub – Ms. Hoffman’s office received the GLSEN email on April 29th and the Quezada letter was dated and most likely received electronically May 15th, while rulemaking was open, and well before the public hearing but yet she never submitted their comments/recommendations. Given her request and the circumstance the board was not required to close rulemaking; yet they did and now with the posting of the June 24th agenda we know why.

The meeting includes an agenda item 5A to, once again, open rulemaking for R7-2-303 Sex Education. Although rulemaking was closed in May and has not yet been re-opened for community input, the exact language submitted first by GLSEN, then reiterated by Senator Quezada (who also wants co-ed sex education in K-8 and Sexually Transmitted Diseases to become “infections”) and, in my opinion, deliberately withheld by Ms. Hoffman during the prior rulemaking process – has already been inserted into the language of the rule.

If the recommendation(s) had been submitted in May or the rulemaking process had remained open then their recommendation(s) would have been discussed for inclusion just like any other community member or organization. However, this way their recommendations were magically added into the rule without any public disclosure. Parents, you must wait until July 22 for your opportunity to make comments and recommendations which WON’T be automatically inserted into the rule as were GLSEN’s and the senator’s.

GLSEN’s recommendation, “seconded” by Sen. Quezada, is to change (A) (3)(a) to read:

“All sex education materials and instruction shall be age appropriate, recognize the needs of exceptional students, meet the needs of the district, recognize local community standards and sensitivities, shall not include the teaching of abnormal, deviate, or unusual sexual acts and practices, BE MEDICALLY AND SCIENTIFICALLY ACCURATE,…”

Who could possibly object?

Every single parent and grandparent should that’s who and here’s why.

What is and has been accepted and cited as “medically and scientifically accurate” is the work of Alfred C. Kinsey, SIECUS (Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States – a creation of the Kinsey Institute with money from Hugh Hefner of Playboy fame) and their partners at Planned Parenthood (whose medical director Dr. Mary Calderone was the first president of SIECUS). Sex education in America is the creation of the direct links between the largest abortion provider and it co-conspirator the pornography industry based on the work of the sexually, um, unorthodox Kinsey. And according to SIECUS sex education must only be taught by teachers “trained” in the Kinsey “model;” if they disagree with Kinsey they shouldn’t be allowed to teach sex ed.

His “work” especially as it relates to children, can neither be deemed “medically or scientifically accurate” nor even pseudo science; rather it was nothing more than criminal activity masquerading under the protective cloak of “science.” Kinsey’s “research” was based primarily on the sexual practices of imprisoned males convicted of sex crimes, prostitutes and pedophiles then packaged as “normal” and indicative of the average American couple. Thanks to Kinsey promiscuous sex, divorce rates and single parent households have skyrocketed.

And yet Kinsey’s perverse voyeurism of the sex practices of deviants and the sexual abuse of children – under the guise of research – formed the basis of sex education materials and instruction in public schools for decades (is it any surprise we see an every growing number of teachers engaging in sex with students? But I digress). In all likelihood it will be the basis for determining the “medical and scientific accuracy” of the sexual instruction approved for our children should this language ultimately be adopted and no doubt is for programs already implemented in our children’s schools.

Do you believe as Kinsey’s “scientific research” “proves:”

That children are sexual from birth and a 5 month old infant can have an orgasm?

That a 4 year old child can have 26 orgasms in a 24 hour period – verified with a stop watch and ledger?

That babies and children experiencing, as Kinsey reported in his book, “sobbing… with an abundance of tears” or “extreme trembling, collapse sometimes fainting” or who “fight away from the partner” are having orgasms as he believed or are being abused?

For that matter, do you believe that any adult who forces sex on a child should be deemed a “partner” as Kinsey did or a perpetrator?

Much of the “research” in Chapter 5 of Kinsey’s book “Sexual Behavior in the Human Male” came from a U.S. government land examiner right here in Arizona who was trained to keep detail records of the hundreds of boys and girls he abused, from ages 2 months to 15 years old.

Is this work of Kinsey, SIECUS and Planned Parenthood the standard by which you want the “medical and scientific accuracy” of the sexual practices being taught to your children to be measured?

California requires that mandated Comprehensive Sex Education be “medically accurate” and “age appropriate.”  At one California school 10 and 11 year old girls “competed” in races to put condoms on a model of an erect adult male penis – with their male classmates cheering them on.

A representative of Equality California was quoted that he doesn’t believe the curriculum is out of the ordinary. It is Equality Arizona that filed the lawsuit resulting in GLSEN changes being added to the sex education rule. How long until we have such “competitions” in Arizona elementary classrooms?

In my former state NJ (a great place to be FROM) their legislature wants preschoolers taught all about their “private parts” at school.

At a Wisconsin elementary school, children as young as 5 years old were forced to watch a teacher’s transgender video “announcement.”

In Oregon, parents are suing a school district over a teacher’s private instruction of their 8 year old son about his “gender identity.”

This “medically and scientifically accurate” sex education is ostensibly sold as keeping our kids safe. Yet since the 1960s STDs among our children have greatly increased in both occurrence and variety, while the age of exposure decreases; likewise birth rates for unwed girls and pregnancy rates for unwed girls – especially when the number of abortions is factored in – have exploded. Our “safely, sexually educated” kids are experiencing  increased suicide, drug/alcohol abuse, self-mutilation, sexually induced, emotional distress of all kinds since the Kinsey/Planned Parenthood/SIECUS/pornography industry’s version of sexual liberation disguised as education has been foist upon them.

There is NO SEX that is safe for children. By the very fact they are children they lack maturity, they lack impulse control, they lack the ability to take adult responsibility for adult actions. Because they lack all these things it is the responsibility of ADULTS to protect them from the long-term physical and emotional devastation that can occur from inappropriate sexual activity at an inappropriate age rather than entice them into such behavior.

And yet since Kinsey we no longer have a “cultural consensus” regarding sexual behavior. We no longer seem to agree that it is the DUTY of every ADULT to help children through the confusing time of childhood and adolescence in a way that honors and protects the innocence of youth.  May God forgive us that we corrupt the lives and well being of those children who we allow to actually be born.

Therefore since we are no longer of one mind with regards to sexual mores, the few should not – must not – be allowed to continue to use the public schools to impose their world-view of sexual “norms” upon our children.

It is one thing to do nothing because you don’t know. But now that you know what will you do?

State Board of Education Meeting:  June 24th 9:oo a.m.

Public Hearing – Sex Education Rule R-7-2-303: July 22nd 12:00 Noon

Both meetings will be held at 1535 W Jefferson Ave. Phoenix, Arizona


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