Tempe Police Receive Apology, Offers Of Free Coffee After Starbucks Snub

"Time to close all 8000 stores for anti-police bias training" - NPOA

Starbucks at Scottsdale Road and McKellips [Photo from Google Maps]

Starbucks has offered an apology to six Tempe Police officers, who were asked to leave the company’s Scottsdale and McKellips roads location on July 4 after a customer claimed that their presence made him feel “unsafe.”

On Sunday, Rob Ferraro, head of the Tempe Police Officers Association said in an interview on FOX News that Starbucks officials were coming to Arizona to meet with the Tempe Police chief. Ferraro said they don’t blame Starbucks for the snub and called it an “unfortunate incident.”

The public first learned of the barista’s bizarre request after the Association tweeted about the incident on July 5:

According to FOX News, Starbucks’ executive vice president wrote to the Department that she wanted to “sincerely apologize” on behalf of Starbucks after six officers were asked to leave the Tempe store.

“They should have been welcomed and treated with dignity and the utmost respect by our partners (employees). Instead they were made to feel unwelcome and disrespected, which is completely unacceptable,” she wrote according to FOX.

While there might be Starbucks’ customers who are uncomfortable with officers’ presence, the officers received invites from various supporters:

A newly formed group with a questionable pedigree, known as the National Police Officers Association, tweeted a demand for “anti-police bias training.”

The obviously snarky tweet refers to the April 2018 closure of 8000 Starbucks stores in the United States for one day to conduct anti-bias training after two black men were arrested after a white manager called the police. Starbucks reached an undisclosed settlement with those men and offered them a free college education.


  1. Got to the Starbucks in Tempe.
    Order one of their over priced poc.
    Thank them and then throw it in their face.

  2. I’d drink the awful coffee out of a crappy vending machine before I’d go into that SB festering crybaby over priced safe space for mentally unstable haters.

    Trump 2020 should be a good middle finger to these haters that said trump voters not welcome here, if I recall correctly.

    They’ve been asking for it for ages with over priced toilet water, haven’t been to one in ages would rather seek out a veteran owned place like black rifle coffee

  3. I don’t go to Starbucks anyway but it sounds like they did the right thing – an employee messed up and Starbucks apologized. With as many wrong things as Starbucks does there’s no point in denigrating the one thing they did right.

  4. QT stores have an excellent variety of affordably-priced coffee selections as well as tasty breakfast and lunch selections. Why anybody would feel compelled to pay for high-priced, lousy-tasting coffee at Starbucks defies all sensible reasoning.

  5. Starbucks
    Free coffee for a yr to every
    Law Enforcement officer in Tempe
    If your help cant use their head to figure out what matters most One snowflake libber
    Over A Group of Law Enforcement
    Officers You better hire better help and Pay better wages for that help
    Starbucks is gonna be in big trouble when Dems take over They will start on all the waste of plastic cups! Straws was just the begining..
    Thank You All Law Enforcement
    For your service
    Other coffee places respect you
    And want you
    And I bet youll get better service and better coffee .
    You Do Matter and are respected by many

  6. I routinely vote with my wallet so it’s by no means a hardship for me to boycott this overpriced liberal safe space for snow flakes until they permanently close their does and file for bankruptcy.
    This latest episode of cooperate stupidity is hardly limited to Starbucks alone, but it sure seems like they just keep cutting in line to stay up front in the endless parade of stupid.
    Perhaps their long-term business plan should have been abbreviated to just making great coffee Vs. saving the world through stupidity disguised as social justice.

    The Oracle

  7. Wow — so many commenters went over the top…for no good reason. One dumb employee did a really dumb thing, and now it’s Close Down Starbucks? Like none of us have ever done anything stupid…. The company’s apology is appropriate, and hopefully the employee has been straightened out. I’ll stick with the Tempe Officers Association’s position: “We hope that out of this unfortunate moment there comes a welcome dialogue, one that more closely unites the men and women on the frontlines of police work with the communities we serve and protect.”

    • I agree with you. I didn’t like what the employee did but the situation was quickly remedied by Starbucks management. Why are we making a federal case over this? My mother works for Starbucks in north Scottsdale and said the firestorm with the employees is crazy. She said she’s getting harassed even though she and most at Starbucks think that rough manager was wrong. She said Starbucks has said they will not close again for sensitivity training and the employees are frustrated. We (Conservatives/Re;publicans/interested citizens need to stop being so reactionary and calling for boycotts and shut-downs without fully reading stories and conclusions.

      • Maybe IF this was an isolated case by the company, BUT IT ISN’T! SB has tried to influence everything with their better than thou attitude for several years. They told people who utilized their 2d amendment rights they were not wanted, they had a manager complain and police response over a couple of guys who were NOT really patrons for being in the place and then the police were raked over the fires for arresting them based on the complaint! Then the company rewards the 2 because they were blacks with $$ and a college fund to boot. Never apologized to the cops for doing what they were called for. Ther have been a couple more, but what else could you expect from an outfit from seattle where libs run wild? Now this. SO yes the company needs to suffer as a result and then they proclaim they will not conduct new pc training, and I would guess they have a high turnover of employees and they are not given instruction on pc policies.

        No they are getting exactly what they deserve IMNSHO. BTW didn’t the ceo say he was going to run for president so he can pass on his pc programs to the rest of us?

    • Albert – it’s a left right thing – the left want’s them out – the right doesn’t ; it’s the subculture of good is bad… and bad is good – the buck will stop here for many – including me – there’s plenty of other cups available – Starbucks just showing us who they are… is this a surprise?

    • Kind of like “Chicken” place not open on Sunday thing… oh but that’s different ?

    • There is an anti-police culture that runs from the owner to the workers at Starbucks and if you refuse to acknowledge that you may as well go whistling past the grave yard. Nothing happens by accident and just saying sorry, here’s a free cup of joe, is NOT going to solve this.

  8. If the “average Starbucks customer might be uncomfortable with officers’ presence,” then I wouldn’t want anything to do with Starbucks!

    What’s up with people not liking law enforcement? A few bad apples and the entire profession is crap?

    That’s disrespectful and disgusting.

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