Pima County To Lease Part Of Juvenile Facility To Catholic Diocese For Migrants

$100 a year lease, taxpayers pick up the cost of renovations

pima county juvenile court
Pima County Juvenile Justice Center located at 2225 E. Ajo Way. [Photo provided by Pima County]

Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry has tentatively agreed to lease an unused section of the county’s Juvenile Justice facility, to Catholic Community Services and other organizations for a mere $100 a year to house migrants seeking asylum.

Huckelberry was asked by Bishop Edward Weisenburger, in a July 3 letter to lease the facility to his organization.

According to a press release issued Monday, Huckelberry “has given county staff approval to begin drafting a lease and preparing the vacant facility for use. He also notified the Board of Supervisors of the Bishop’s request, noting that CCS needs to begin operating the facility before the next scheduled Board meeting Aug. 6. The board must vote on the lease before it can be executed.

DID YOU KNOW: In 2016, “figures available on the USASpending.gov website show the USCCB (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops) garnering more than $91 million for refugee resettlement programs, more than $202 million going to Catholic Charities, which also serves refugees, and the Boston-based ICMC (International Catholic Migration Commission) getting more than $17 million in government funds stipulated entirely for U.S. refugee resettlement, according to Lifesitenews.com

The move is necessary due to the fact that Catholic Community Services has been aiding the asylum seekers at the Benedictine Monastery, but the owner of the Monastery is redeveloping it and forcing CCS to vacate the building by July 26.

According to the county, “the Department of Homeland Security, after briefly processing the asylum seekers at DHS border facilities, has been releasing them in numerous cities near the border, including Tucson and Phoenix. Catholic Community Services and other community partners have provided aid to nearly 10,000 people since the fall of 2018.”

Several sections of the juvenile detention facility that is connected the Juvenile Court have been vacant or repurposed into counseling and education centers for juvenile offenders, according to the press release.

In his letter, Huckelberry writes, “The County will provide building maintenance, operating, utility, food and laundry costs and will seek reimbursement from the Federal government through humanitarian aid grants and programs.”

According to sources, the county has used the detention facility to provide services to the migrants for months.



  1. Taxpayers paid for the facility and Elias and Kozachik are conspiring to lease it to the Catholic Church for a year for $100 and then taxpayers will pick up the operational costs also. This is a gift of public funds to a church as a result of a church sponsored migration! Please report this to the Attorney General of Arizona…he could take action. Catholic Relief Services needs to use their own facilities for relief work, not tax funded resources.

  2. Wow, now junior criminals are in the streets! Tagging, thievery, rapists abound around the City! The Pima County Supervisors and the City of Tucson Council are nothing more than the Mobsters; and the Cops are worthless! Democrats are in control of both the County and City. More abound on the voting list! What shall we do? Arm yourselves and Vote carefully!

  3. Oh Oh that place has those combo toilet, sinks that AOC doesn’t approve of! Hope she doesn’t come here! Even if it didn’t I hope she never comes here!

  4. Public funded building can not be Lease for private usages. All public fund building are to be used for public use only are sold to private, Leasing them is double dipping an using the public money for private profit of others and is fraud use of public money to house private enterprises no matter if they are for profit business are not. Nothing but public use of that building by city, colony or federal employees or sell that building off in to private hands, giving back the money to the American people in budget full refund of every last dollar it sell for. at the top dollar, it must be sold for or you have frauded the American people to have a build belt that is not being using for every America the employees of American’s as all those building are to be used for and they out their money so you can now lease it, because way under lease if anything goes wrong the with that building the American people it is to be being for is out that money to repair that building housing a private business. Sale the building to them are they can not move in, and pay lease payments under fraud of collation of money, for a building already paid for by the American people to used for all American’s and keeping all Americans on the hook for the up keep of the building. We The People are sick of you idiots acting like you own the Americans peoples building they had to pay for so you stupid people had a place to work, and now you are trying to use them for other then what the American’s paid for them for. Sell them are move back into them yourselves, but you have not right to use them for anything but all Americans use.

  5. $100 is a popular price for Chuck to charge when he leases OUR country property. The arena area at Canoa Ranch – oophs – Grijalva’s phony birth place is leased for $100 per month. The lease runs a business out of there and citizens have to go through him to use the property. Unfortunately he doesn’t let anyone use it. What a rip.

  6. Another news publication stated that Pima County will lease the space for $100 a year but the county will absorb the cost for 24/7 medical treatment, kitchen/food and laundry. Additionally, provisions must be made for incarcerated minors to be separated by both sight and sound from the asylum seekers. Building costs to provide that separation will fall upon the county taxpayers as well. The county “hopes” they will recover that money through Federal grants. In the meantime, that money is coming from county taxpayers. Why doesn’t Catholic Social Services cover all costs and they recover the money they spent? Because Pima County taxpayers always gets the shaft.

  7. So, how many of you”voters” out there approved this…. or even herd about the way your money is being wasted?

  8. Here come live in jail it’s better than where you were? How ironic – and the kid criminals are now on the streets for how many years now? Oh putting the kid criminals in jail was a mistake?

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