Suspect In Gilbert Homicide Shoots, Kills Self After Standoff

Gilbert Police
Officers attempted to negotiate with the suspect in the area of Priest and Broadway in Tempe. [Photo courtesy Gilbert Police]

A suspect in a Gilbert homicide is dead in an apparent suicide after barricading himself in the parking lot of a Tempe Motel 6. The unidentified man was located by Gilbert detectives at the motel and locked himself in a vehicle when officers approached.

According to Gilbert Police, “A single gunshot was heard from the car following gas deployment after the suspect ceased negotiations. The suspect was transported with a gunshot wound.”

The suspect was pronounced dead at the hospital.

No officers were injured in this incident and no officers fired weapons.


  1. Perhaps Shakespeare said it best:
    “All’s well that ends well”.
    Families of his victims get closure, the state is spared the expense of a conviction, an appeal and an execution. And the subject took his life in the manor he stole others.
    Great work by the Gilbert police in keeping us safe from further harm.

    The Oracle

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