Arizona Corporation Commissioners Votes For 2017 APS Rate Hike

stacey champion
Stacey Champion testifies before the Arizona Corporation Commission.

PHOENIX — On Wednesday, the Arizona Corporation Commission, in a 4-1 vote, rejected calls to rescind a 2017 rate increase for Arizona Public Service.

The issue arose after thousands of customers signed a petition alleging they were misled and their utility bills increased more than the 4.5% the utility company touted.

Appearing before the Commission, Stacey Champion who led the petition campaign, called on commissioners to prove that they were not “owned” by the large energy company. Champion pointed out the dwindling trust in the commissioners, “How do you expect the general public to have faith in this governing body if you don’t have the spines to govern?”

“You are the boss,” Champion told the commissioners referring to their regulatory obligation. “You have an opportunity to assert yourself and show this public that you’re not owned by this utility monopoly.”

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  1. When the basic charge ie the taxs, equipment fees, secertary fees, billing fees, paper fees, mailing fees, Az tax fees, surcharge fees, pole fees
    Etc Fees
    My actual useage is Less then all the fees True fact

  2. Wow sound like the same vermin runnin Pima County and city of Tucson, soon your utilities will cost as much or more than the stinking house payment

    • Remember – Lea Marquez-Petersosn was rewarded, like a good soldier, to the Board. It shows you don’t need to know anything to be there.

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