Pima GOP Challenges Sanctuary City Initiative

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The Pima County Republican Party is assisting Tucson resident, Benny White, in his challenge of the City of Tucson’s effort to become a sanctuary city. The Party joins White in challenging the effort on a number of grounds.

According to the Pima GOP, it is believed that the formulation to determine the minimum number of petition signatures required was calculated incorrectly and must be raised to a minimum of 12,400 versus the 9,241 originally required. The pro-sanctuary group, Tucson Families Free and Together, submitted approximately 18,000 signatures in early July. In addition, Pima County Republicans believe approximately 40 percent of the signatures submitted are either invalid or fraudulent.

Given the fact that the number of signatures required for the measure to be placed on the ballot is definitively more than initially determined and 40 percent of the signatures collected are found to be either fraudulent or invalid, it may prevent a change to the city charter. The charter change would have resulted in loss of state and federal funds for Tucson.

Tucson, the fifth poorest metropolitan area in the nation, relies heavily on both state and federal assistance. According to the Tax Foundation, in 2016, the states where federal aid comprised the largest share of general revenue were Mississippi (43.4 percent), Louisiana (42.7 percent), New Mexico (41.2 percent), Arizona (41.2 percent), and Kentucky (40.9 percent). As one of the poorest communities in Arizona loos of funds would be devastating.

“It is my sincere hope this initiative is rejected by election officials. While supporters claim that it will serve the interests of the poor, it will be most detrimental to them due to the loss of assistance,” said Pima GOP First Vice-chair Chris King. “It will be devastating to the future of Tucson and southern Arizona. As a Tucsonan by choice, this initiative would put at risk my forever home and that of my children and grandchildren.”

The Pima GOP’s move comes at the nearly the same time U.S. Senator Thom Tillis announced new legislation to protect the victims of illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities. The Justice for Victims of Sanctuary Cities Act would “hold sanctuary jurisdictions accountable for failing to comply with lawful detainer and release notification requests made by federal authorities and jeopardizing public safety.”

The Justice for Victims of Sanctuary Cities Act also provides that “any sanctuary city or jurisdiction that refuses to waive its immunity as is relates to sanctuary-related civil action would be subject to the withholding of certain Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding.”


  1. Sanctuary City status would have stopped TPD from questioning ISIS fighters before they got to the airport. Federal government efforts are being thwarted by liberals with criminal desires.

  2. I own a home in Tucson that I love, but if Tucson becomes a sanctuary city, I’m out of here. Higher Taxes, less service…who needs it?

  3. We have enough problems with the homeless and mentally ill and now you want to increase the tax payers responsibility to Illegals.I told my wife that it amazes me that we don’t have a place to put and care for the homeless and Mentally ill AMERICANS. Then it hit me, we do have a place for them. The city puts and contains them all in South Tucson.

  4. Ok then why do we need a Govenor in Az ?
    I have telling you along he is a puss Acey Ducey cant decide what is right or wrong good or bad
    He is being controled by his wife and mother in law
    The Govenor does have the power to can change,fix,help Az countys with decions, that affect All Of Az He sits on the fence way to much
    Thank for calling his office
    and trying to get a answer out of him
    Getting Strong Rep Leaders is what we need period
    These puss whipped and Drug trade Cartel money greedy Supers etc have to go away
    Millions of Dollars of Cartels Drug money is given to support
    these citys.. Look deeper in to the names and Corperations that sponser them Companys owned by The Cartels are a hugh,,hidden by Lawyers who do all the dirty work for them If you look into it the money trail ends in overseas bank accounts etc
    They the Drug Cartels have more then a foot into American soil
    They want to own these towns
    And slowly but Surely they have succeded
    Selling Heroin / Meth Fentanyal in the USA is a multi Billion dollar bussiness

  5. Maybe IF they instead put out for vote the BOARDING AND ROOMING of illegals at individual places, such as chuclberrys house along with romero etc. The city DOES NOT need to fund illegally thru state and fed funds the greedy corrupt locals who are only looking to make $$ off of this. Do you really think this is being done for altruistic reasons? No, there is big $$ to be made off these folks and the article said so when they said that state and fed funds were to be used.

    BTW the resolution should also read that NO $$ will be used for everything from personal funds in these sanctuary houses. Just see how quick this would go away. why do people want a 4th world economy/city/county in this world anyhow. How are they benefitting?

  6. Holy crap, someone turned the lights on and entered the Pima GOP building, if only we could get the lights on and building occupied when seats are open to run for at the city and county, the home of the enemy’s of the tax payers.

    Oh wait, they’ll run against a seat already occupied by one of their own but fade into the shadows when it’s time to knock a leftist outta a seat after 30 plus years of making the area the 5th crappiest place in the country and damn proud of it.

  7. Ducey should step in
    Tucson will become another
    LA Gang town

    Want illegal drugs lets go to Tucson ..
    Az should never let this happen

    • Rose, I wrote to Gov. Ducey telling him about this corruption here in Pima County by the Board of Supervisors. His answer: “That’s not my job to govern another county”. Since Pima County is in the state of Arizona I am not sure just what he meant.

  8. How about just rice – there’s enough hot gas circulating around BOS & City Council already.

  9. Our poor will become poorer yet due to all the funds diverted to take care of all the illegals. Anyone care about that? Children of the poor will suffer when funding for free breakfast at school is cut back, school supplies, medical care and severe overcrowding at schools will definitely suffer. All to take care of lawless criminals who couldn’t care less about our laws or it’s citizenry.
    They are too lazy or cowards to fight to make their own country better so invade ours to selfishly take from us the dreams we all have worked and died for. Feel sorry for them? Not a whit! Vote against any sanctuary city nonsense!!

  10. I wish our BOS and City Council would listen to Dave Ramsey everyday , we need to put Pima County on a Rice and Beans diet until they can balance the budget.

  11. Beings as how Tucson seems to be one of the poorest county’s in the nation, perhaps it is time to start understanding what a budget is. Anyone listening on the Board of Supervisors? We don’t need to be a “sanctuary city” that will only increase the problems here.

    • CJ –
      Just to be clear:
      City of Tucson = Tucson City Council
      Pima County – Board of Supervisors
      2 different entities – but both with the same agenda 🙁

      • You’re right, my bad… It just seems the way the BOS is that it appears to run Tucson as well.

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