What Sprouts Thinks of Tucson

Sprouts on Speedway [Photo from Google Maps]

Phoenix-based Sprouts Farmers Market apparently has two standards: a lower standard for its store at Speedway and Swan in Tucson, and a higher standard for its store in Oro Valley and its stores in metro Phoenix.

The chain must think that lower standards are okay with residents of the City of Tucson.

Most days, the Tucson store has rusty, dirty shopping carts corralled in front of the store, litter strewn about outside, and grimy cement entryways and sidewalks that appear to have never seen a pressure washer.

Admittedly, these conditions are better than the sorry conditions of the ugly building across the side street to the west. The building is vacant and surrounded by a chain-link fence. Naturally, like so many neighborhood streets in Tucson, the side street is in sorry condition, with crumbling pavement and weeds along shoulders.

The Tucson Sprouts store stands in sharp contrast to the one in Oro Valley and the ones patronized by my wife and me when we lived in metro Phoenix. The conditions at these other stores match the nicely-landscaped and nicely-maintained shopping centers where they are located. Even the shopping carts are in better condition than the ones at the Tucson store.

Maybe it’s a company policy to send beat-up shopping carts to Tucson to make way for new ones in other locations.

Or maybe the company’s chief financial officer has concluded that it would be a waste of money to maintain higher standards in Tucson, because Tucsonans will shop at the store regardless of conditions.

Whole Foods is another chain with a double standard. For weeks, it had a tacky banner 4 ft. high and 20 ft. long on the public right-of-way in front of its store at Oracle and Ina, in unincorporated Pima County. It doesn’t do this at its stores in Scottsdale and Phoenix.

One wonders how companies headquartered elsewhere learn that they can have lower standards in Tucson.

Perhaps they learn from Tucson-based businesses, many of which have non-existent or poorly-maintained landscaping, with tacky illegal signs and banners plopped around the perimeter of their property. It’s even the same with some churches, schools and public offices. If locals don’t have community pride, why should outsiders?

These conditions are noticed by corporate scouts who evaluate cities for the location of high-wage offices and headquarters.

Tucsonans deserve better. But until they demand better from businesses and local government, they won’t get what they deserve.

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Community Activist Craig Cantoni strategizes on ways to make Tucson a better to live, work and play.


  1. I’m living in Gilbert now. When I mention that I moved from Tucson, everyone says Tucson is a dump.

  2. Wow, are you people illiterate? Your reading comprehension is pathetic. Tucson has a better economy than Phoenix. Stable housing market, lower rents. The article was condemning the way Tucson neglects itself. BTW, Phoenix is a Democrat run city. Tucson looks like a dump because the culture here and the government inability to do anything.

    • better living thru what? What economy is better, the welfare line? Yes the article is blaming the store for ignorant people who dont know how to put carts away, put trash in trash cans etc. The carts are not all that bad, better than some stores but not new, but again this is not up in the snob hills area either.

      yes east LA is a democrap city but they have enough sense to try and develop an economy not like in tucson, but if ya keep up with the news it is just as corrupt and has incompetent people in charge (notice I didnt say leadership). and yes the government in both have no ability to do anything right.

  3. I do shop at Sprouts once in a while, the store located on River & Orangegrove is always clean and the employees are very helpful and friendly.

  4. Spouts is very perceptive they recognize the lower standards of Democrats. Tucson would do better with conservative leadership, thus, sprouts is giving the democratic shithole it’s just deserts.

  5. With the commitment to open borders,
    cajoling illegal felons, and significant
    communist indoctrination in its two
    primary school districts; Tucson is
    promulgating becoming a third world
    country with a third world economy.
    Crony capitalism ensures those entrenched
    in power stay there.

  6. Thank you Rose. You hit the nail on the head! This city is run by a bunch of crooked officials who, like the other Democraps, think it’s ok to let these lawbreakers come in and take over. We don’t take care of our own homeless, vets, working poor etc but we can put these illegals up and out of the heat/cold. All of the elected officials need to go. I wonder how many of them have opened their homes to these criminals?

    I’m old enough to know what a wonderful country this was before we allowed these people in who want to change it and bring it to its knees – like the shitholes they came from. I agree with our President – go back where you and yours came from! In ten years we won’t t recognize America. Thank you Obama, Hillary, Chuckie and Satan Pelosi.

  7. My god… don’t you boomers have anything else to do with your time? Try and contribute something positive to society instead of just taking. NIMBY’s always are whining about something so unimportant.

    • I’m a boomer, and this is what I do in the mornings, I read and comment and sign petitions, write to my Governor like I did yesterday, write to congress and yes always bitching when there is a wrong to be righted, and when it is needed, complimenting.
      You mind what you do and I’ll mind my own.
      I shop Sprouts and Fry’s and Whole Foods and I want to make sure I get the best I can buy. It’s important because what we buy, we eat, it goes into our bodies for nourishment. Do you care what goes into your body? Your children’s bodies? Do you care about clean facilities?

      As for positive to society, if the wheel don’t squeak it don’t get fixed!

  8. There’s a Sprouts on the eastside of Tucson that’s wonderful. It sounds more like inconsistent store-to-store managerial standards than some sort of company grudge against Tucson.

  9. Who cares ?? Tuscon has been negelected so what Thats what everyone wanted and voted for
    Sanctuary City .. what is the surprize here Talk to your Greedy Officals
    They will have more crime more drugs more rapes more home invasions Thats the way the Mayor wants it
    The more ignorant the people there The more they can Suck money back in their own pockets

    Why should a Chain store feel any different When you welcome theifs
    In your town Lawess people who steal and dont care what the stores look like.. Its a right off to them .
    Citizens of Tuscon its your own fault
    Its gonna get worse Why should any store care about how dirty the carts are when people steal them and treat them with out respect. I bet they really dont want to be there anymore
    Just waiting for contracs or what ever tax shelter they have to end
    I would not open a bussinees there Why ? To have people use shopping carts as dirty diaper pails 3rd world illegals are gonna drive all but Cartel owned business out
    Way to go Tucson
    Its your own Fault

    Ps to the people whinning about this find out more about who has the franchise on this store and get city contracts etc
    Oh wow 8 miles to drive to another store Is the food still good ? Or just the look of a run down store piss you off
    And really who cares Tucson is going to hell soon
    Put out your New door mat
    Welcome Illegals Most still stand on toilets to shit and put dirty paper on floor when a good trash can sits near by empty
    Go figure

  10. I believe its the employees and speedway franchise owner for not upholding the image Sprouts is to maintain. Rusty shopping carts? How about gathering them up and not leaving them all over the place or take out of the shopping complex. The store appearance? Employee and Franchise owners fault entirely

  11. well for the snobs such as the author when the economy leaves much to be desired as the democraps want it, what would you expect? We shop there as it is the closest one, its a wonder the author didn’t throw out the racist card also because there are NO SPROUTS south of this location! Its almost 8 miles for us to go there and for some reason they quit sending out their weekly ads so unless you are in the area its a PIA just to go to. Crappy carts are a norm in this area and stupid clowncil requirements make them even worse. Most have a locked up wheel due to electronic brakes, and then nothing is done against the thieves who take these and leave on the streets while holding the stores responsible!

    The cantories had another screed a week or so ago, a lot of finger pointing but that was about it. So yes east LA may be nicer store conditions, BUT they also have an ECONOMY up there where people just may go and pay sometimes higher prices at stores like sprouts or what ever the others are also. Actually the store at this location is not that bad, and if the author thinks its so terrible, just go back to snob hill and shop there!

  12. Well he(( what do they think about the Sprouts on N. 1st Ave.? I’m disappointed to hear this bit of news about Sprouts.
    I shop there regularly and think it’s pretty nice, the carts are in decent condition and they are in progress of replacing the flooring. They have a decent bakery and butcher dept. Their produce is superior and as a Vegan I look for Superior produce and vegan products.
    Anyone else shop there? What do you think?
    Either way I will continue to shop there, I believe it towers over Whole Foods and that’s just my honest opinion.

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