Disabled Vet Gets Help From Maricopa County Agencies To Save Home


After ABC15’s Let Joe Know team broke the story of disable veteran Jim Boerner of Mesa, who lost his home when the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office jumped the gun and auctioned off his mobile home, Treasurer Royce Flora took on the fight.

While Flora was determined to assist Boerner, the Sheriff’s Office seemed to show little interest in righting the wrong in a press conference this week.

On Friday, ABC15 announced that Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery met with the Treasurer’s Office, and Sheriff’s Office “to review the next steps in resolving issues related to the sale of Mr. Boerner’s primary residence. The County Attorney advised all at the meeting that Arizona statutes do not authorize any County official to invalidate the sale that has already occurred. Nonetheless, County officials are committed to working with counsel for Mr. Boerner to assist him in keeping his home.”

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  1. Hey everyone Look up Az State Statutes on Sales on back taxs
    It takes 7 yrs and alot of paper work legal ave. etc before any one can kick this guy out
    So something is very fishy here
    He would have to not paid taxs for for yrs and yrs before it could be on the tax rolls
    So this story is not what it appears or In side the tresuresrs
    Office someones running a scam
    The Supervisers have some say also So was this a back tax lein
    ?? Or was it something altogether different
    Something is very very fishy here

    Hum first comes to mind is Fraud in the side The City
    Shame Shame on somebody
    Please ADI can you please find out if this was a tax lein made by the city or ??
    Like to know the rest of the real story Thanks

  2. So glad Boerners home was saved. The fact that George Soros funded this shady sheriff’s campaign to oust Arpaio puts corruption in the spotlight. Seems past home auctions should be closely looked at.

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