Yuma Border Patrol Agents Rescue Honduran Father, Son Swept Away In Canal

morelos dam
The father and son entered the Salinity Canal near County 8 ½ Street and the Levee Road near Yuma.

YUMA – A father and son are alive today thanks to the efforts of Yuma Sector Border Patrol agents working near the Morelos Dam. Agents rescued the father and son from Honduras after they were swept away in a canal on July 17.

According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), at approximately 8:15 a.m., Border Patrol agents spotted a father and son enter the Salinity Canal near County 8 ½ Street and the Levee Road near Yuma. Agents noticed that the two were struggling as the current was quickly taking them down stream.

Border Patrol agents attempted a rescue using a rescue disc but were unable to make a connection with the father. Agents then instructed the father to grab on to a nearby bush and hand the child over to agents. The father did so, and agents pulled the child to safety.

Agents were then able to assist the father in exiting the canal shortly after.

The father was diagnosed with acute respiratory distress as a result of the incident and received treatment. He was later released from the hospital.

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  1. ok dry them off give them a sandwich and then dump them back over the border where they belong. I am glad no BP agents were injured in the incident.

  2. ok dry them off take them back to the border and send them back. I am glad no BP officers were injured in the incident.

  3. Missing from the report….”They will be processed and deported immediately.”

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