Elizabeth Warren Holds Town Hall At ASU Marquee Theatre

warren town hall
Elizabeth Warren speaks at town hall at Marquee Theatre [Photo from Twitter]

Elizabeth Warren made her first Arizona appearance at a town hall meeting Thursday evening at the Marquee Theatre in Tempe. The 2,500-capacity concert venue was packed.

Warren spoke for about 45 minutes.


  1. She is so concerned along with the rest of the democraps that they all went on VACATION instead of doing their jobs! Then they try to say trump is the issue and the only thing coming out of the swamp is that they want to impeach, or want his tax returns.

    Anything to create a sideshow so they they dont have to take any responsibility for what they have created in the swamp. Truly if tax returns are so important we need to see ALL POLITICIANS tax returns and then lets see what happens.

    No sideshows are very important to democraps just like the other day when rambling about signs in the county instead of trying to hold the feet to the fire of those who waste taxpayer monies and push self agendas.

    • Hank, I agree with you about impeachment — kit is a diversion that goes nowhere. But you are so wrong about the only thing coming out of “the swamp.” In fact, the House has passed a bunch of important legislation that Moscow Mitch has refused to let even go to a vote in the Senate. Such as:

      — Reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act;
      — Lowering prescription drug prices and protecting those with pre-existing conditions;
      — expanding background checks for private gun sales, including gun shows — wonder if that might have prevented the slaughter in El Paso?
      — protecting elections from foreign meddling;
      — banning anti-gay discrimination;
      — creating a path to citizenship for 2 million young immigrants brought here as children.

      So it’s really the Republican-controlled Senate that’s on vacation, not the House. BTW — I’m an Independent and voted for Republicans, Democrats, Greens, and Independents in the last election.

      • The path to citizenship does not start by crossing our borders illegally.
        Discrimination is illegal, no matter who you are.
        The democrats were in charge when the so called meddling happened in the last presidential election.
        How many laws does a person have to break until we admit that the gun could not fire itself.
        I am sure that drug prices could be lowered, but who will pay for research and development for new drugs?
        Violence against anyone is illegal.
        President Trump has only been in office for 3 years compared to the swamp dwellers who have been ther for over 30 years, yet all of the blame is Trumps?

        • Taking your points line by line:
          What about those 2 million “Dreamers” brought here when they were babies?
          We agree that it should be, but the fact is in many states LGBT discrimination is not illegal.
          The meddling was not to help the Dems — just the opposite.
          Nor could a person shoot and kill 20 people with his fingers.
          The same Big Pharma who sells the same drugs in Canada for far less money.
          Unless its police shooting unarmed black men.
          No — not all of the blame is on Trump, but he has unleashed racism, made it okay and approved, while telling over 10,000 documented lies since he’s been in office.

  2. I understand the faux Pocahontas (warren) met with
    the faux American, er..javelina er.. grijalva. The two mave much in common being such fakes, she as being Native American and he saying he is an American.

  3. 2500 students hoping to hear that their tuitions will be forgiven. Now that is something to brag about.

  4. So what’s wrong with “wack jobs” and “shameful demagogues” spewing “hogwash” and “nonsense?” We’ve had one as president for 2-1/2 years now during which he’s told over 10,000 lies publically. MASA! Make America Sane Again!

  5. Who let them in Az ?
    Shoulda just dropped her off with on the other side of border
    Or taken her on drug raid raids
    Or icu where drug babies are recoving from being born on drugs
    Should never let this wack job in this State of Az
    Go back where you come from

  6. She is a shameful demagogue! That her nonsense could be treated as credible speaks very badly of voters and the “news” media.
    Thank you, Arizona Daily Independent, for letting us see her hogwash and determine for ourselves what garbage it is.

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