“Inaccurate” Social Media Post Raises Safety Concerns At Buena High


The Sierra Vista Police Department says an “inaccurate” social media post on Snapchat caused significant community concern about safety at Buena High School, when it was circulated among students on Sunday.

The post implied that there would be a school shooting on Monday.

The chat was sent to one or more students and began circulating rapidly before it was reported to the Sierra Vista Police Department.

According to the Sierra Vista Police Department (SVPD), following an extensive investigation, officers discovered that the message was distributed by a third party and stemmed from another Snapchat conversation. The original message about a relationship breakup read, “I hope he doesn’t start something at school,” before evolving into “nobody go to Buena tmr since ni#! wanna shoot Buena and shi$.”

Sierra Vista Police officers interviewed several people who reported the incident along with parties involved in the original Snapchat conversation before determining that there was no threat, or intended action, of a school shooting.

“SVPD, and law enforcement as a whole, takes these types of calls seriously and will fully investigate each one,” says Sierra Vista Police Division Commander Lawrence Boutte. “We appreciate those who called in the threat when they got it. We encourage those on the front end to call the police immediately rather than potentially creating an environment of fear through the distribution of inaccurate or unverified information.”

Popular with teens, Snapchat is a multimedia application that is used to share content through mobile messaging. Once delivered, the messages disappear from the recipient’s phone a few seconds after they have been viewed.

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