Carbon Dioxide And Ten Thousand Dots

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Climate has been continuously changing for more than four billion years and will continue to do so no matter what we do.

For those who have sipped  the climate kool-aide. and think that climate change is an “existential threat,”  and think they can stop climate change by tweaking just one variable, I present the graph below to put human carbon dioxide emissions into perspective relative to the whole atmosphere.

The graphic below showing the composition of Earth’s atmosphere contains 10,000 dots. Look at the bottom right corner. Total carbon dioxide is just four dots (0.04%). Human carbon dioxide emissions are just one dot. Yet some believe that this one dot, 0.0125% of the atmosphere, is the major control of global temperature. Does that make any sense? There is no physical evidence to support the contention that CO2 is a significant driver of global temperature.

Banish all of your worries about global warming, rising sea levels, climate change, and the end of life on Earth by the year 2030.

The above graphic representation of the Earth’s atmosphere reveals in the lower right hand corner that the accumulated carbon dioxide from man’s activities, i.e. the burning of fossil fuels over the last 200 years, amounts to only 1.25 parts per 10,000. This one dot out of 10,000 illustrates that the amount of man-made CO2 in our atmosphere is much too small to cause the imagined catastrophes attributed to it. Created for the public education by Jan Lehr, Ph.D., Senior Policy Analyst for the International Climate Science Coalition.
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