Lasley On The Chosen One

trump comic

Cartoonist/artist Richard Lasley is a native of Southern California, who attended Ventura College and the Art Center School of Los Angeles for Illustration and Design.

He has worked as a freelance artist for many agencies in Los Angeles, New York and was a member of The Illustrator’s Club of Los Angeles.

Currently he resides in Tubac, Arizona. His work is featured at Tubac Presidio Park.



  1. do you have any talent to speak of big O….name one…a talent that you worked to make a living at…like a chain saw wood sculpture dude…selling his stuff down at the corner for example… he finally made it big ,had lots of money to retire . he mastered his talent and made him a success….now he whips out these quick little wooden toys and plays with the kids….just for fun…that,s where you come in BIG O and all your buddy,s

    • @Ricky powers, I totally get that your a never Trumper perpetually stuck on stupid, fueled with endless hate that your criminally flawed girl Hillary lost her shot at pay to play, but your repeated attacks day after day just reveal yourself to be a troll.
      Say your peace and move on until the unveiling of the next graphite smudge.
      Your daily assaults on everyone who dares to disagree with you, makes you look small, pathetic and weak. Seriously Ricky, get a life.

      The Oracle

  2. Hahaha😂 the T man❗️FUNNY 😆
    Yeah…He’s the chosen one to grab women’s crouches
    -He’s the chosen one to be a puppet to Putin
    -He’s the chosen one promote Vulgarities and Hate
    -He’s the chosen one to build a wall that Mexico will pay for……It Ain’t gonna happen.. (probably wants to paint it orange too!)
    -He’s the chosen one to display immortality and profanity
    -He’s the chosen one with a wacked-out narcissistic EGO
    -He’s the chosen one to Care less about our Earth environment & climate
    -He’s the chosen one to separate children & babies from their parents & put them in cages ( with ZERO regard to the detrimental life long emotional damage to these HUMAN kids❗️)
    -He’s the chosen one to Yell “Fake News” to create Chaos and confusion (all to self serve his BS)
    -He’s the chosen one to be a LYING LOSER
    -He’s the chosen one to be IMPEACHED❗️👍

    • meeesheleee…all the socket puppets in the entire world, could come up with hundreds…of frick ups trump has committed as president…he just didn’t have political wisdom it took to handle this chosen one dude in the first place…now every big o type supporter of trump, has had time to justify all his dirty deeds..use a crazy president to advance ones far right
      agenda is just what there going to do.. its the same thing Putin did…trumps the chosen useful idiot by all these republicans,including dictator leaders around the world…lining there pockets,while millions of average american lives, are squashed away …trumps wonderful policy decisions have a cost to pay..and that’s humiliating good american’s every chance he gets…just remember ..we are the enemy and we must be destroyed in Mr. dumps thick scull….trump is a country divider,and a world divider …….

    • Yes Michelle He is the chosen one, my President and yours. And you can scream with your caps on and throw your tantrum, but the fact remains
      President Trump 2016 and 2020 MAGA!

  3. The great last-one is right, President Trump is the chosen one for our times. He has done more for the citizens of America than any other president. For once I agree with the last one, President Trump is the chosen one, those other clowns can sit this one down.

  4. to choose or not to choose…was there a choice to choose…what do you choose…seems we had no choice but to choose a favorite choice of leaders that hate our democracy.who want us as weak and as confused as they can get america to be…is working..were divided and pissed off at each other….trump sees america as great as ever right now ..keep america great he says…….if this is trumps version of a great america he wants to keep it this way….we all have a choice to choose the chosen one,who chose to rule the world and the one who chose to make america great again…so ware your K a G orange hats..because this is the best its gunna get with the chosen one..trump..great to make our great country great?the chosen one chooses to make a foolish muck of himself and chose to muck up a already great country..choose not to choose the chosen one……..UH WHAT WAS HIS NAME…uhh..oh yes.. president “the chosen one”…. to have the fattest ego head in the history of gods universe…

    • Well at least he is TRYING to do something for the COUNTRY AND PEOPLE michelle, which is a damnsite more than the klintons and bho did. Speaking of which he caused more RACIAL DIVISION than anyone else, so where was lastly when that was occurring? Same thing with keeping people in PENS (initiated by bho regime!).

      Many would rather have someone who is actually doing good than someone who promises that all will be FREE STUFF and then forgets what was promised!

      Additionally didnt the great bho descend thru the clouds in denver appearing as the ‘choson one’ in his last go round? Seems he thought he was the answer to all the worlds problems particularly if you willing to believe he was gonna make all bills go away and elevate the rich at the poors expense. How do you explain his $$$$$ multimillionaire status now when he had nothing to begin with? Pretty neat trick on a $440 thousand a year paycheck. What no real expenses like the average, or just deep pockets for his puppet masters?

      • hank….who is michelle?this is mr. wonderful here..sir…elevate the rich at the poors expense?trumps rich mans tax package made sure of that..sir..trump does and excellent job of controlling racial tensions ..doesnt he?…dont i remember Obama calling people and other country’s shit holes?..i think i remember the the dems,TELLING PEOPLE TO GO BACK TO WHERE THEY CAME..YOUR NOT WELCOME IN THE U S…..your all murderers and shitholes…….. 440 thousand dallor pay check is what trump got as his weekly allowances back as a little punk…and still he takes from poor and gives to the already stinking rich…like himself…now he steals our tax money from every where,and any where possible…..what a the puppet masters have rich
        deep pockets right hank? got it backwards….trumps getting a free ride….with american’s taxes.. that’s all he knows ,ever since his little orange boy days ….refilling the richman’s pockets..then degrade the hard working americans who have work two jobs at times ,just to make ends meet….simply put ..trumps is the chosen prick of all times

  5. If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result, then Dick Lesley is clearly insane.
    Through the numerous graphite smudges mislabeled as “cartoons”, we have seen the endless parade of stupid morph into a published confession of insanity.
    Over time it’s become increasingly difficult to pinpoint who is more nuts, Lesley himself, those that choose to feature his “art” or those that defend his “art” at all cost.
    My father used to say “you can’t make a silk purse out of a sows ear”. Calling a toilet bowl full of crap “art” isn’t subjective, it’s simply crap, and it’s just proof positive that it’s past time Lasley got flushed.

    The Oracle

    • its a cartoon drawing..its the artists viewpoint on this …seems that “LASLEY “.. has been the chosen one, for your debating pleasure in your neck of the woods..big O.. ain’t it great?……one mans pencil opinion, shouldn’t bunch ones panties so easily…do you think trump is the quality chosen man from the spirit world ? or was trump just making his usual clown jokes…

    • Oracle… I’m with you. And actually “graphite smudges” is being kind. I even waited an extra day before reading ADI this week because I didn’t really wanna look at this poop yet again.

      Lasley….what a talentless hack. An “artist’s viewpoint?” Nah….

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