Who Is Afraid Of Two Degrees Of Warming?

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In the past several weeks we have seen many demonstrations by brainwashed young people and others who think the world will end if global temperatures exceed two degrees Celsius (now it’s down to 1.5 degrees). The trouble with that claim is that we’ve been there and done that and nothing bad happened. During the past 10,000 years (the Holocene), Earth experienced several cycles of warming and cooling which exceeded the mythical two degree limit. Civilizations thrived during the warm periods and had a harder time during cold periods.

Kenneth Richard, writing on the NoTrickszZone blog, reviews several recent studies which show the dread two-degree limit has been exceeded many times during the warm and cool cycles of the Holocene.

Physical evidence from recent research shows that:

Sweden was at least 3°C warmer than it is today about 6000 to 9000 years ago, when CO2 concentrations lingered around 265 ppm. At 410 ppm CO2, 21st century Sweden is colder now than almost any time in the last 9000 years.

During the Medieval Warm Period, wine vineyards flourished in Scandinavia and Russia at the same latitude (55°N) where polar bears roam today.

Earlier in the Holocene, when CO2 levels hovered around 260 ppm, vast forests extended all the way up to the coasts of the Arctic Ocean (Russia), suggesting temperatures were up to 7°C warmer than today.

The southern limits of Arctic sea ice (north of Greenland) extended 1000 kilometers further north of where sea ice extends to today (2007), as Arctic Ocean temperatures were 2-4°C warmer about 8500 to 6000 years ago.

Throughout the Northern Hemisphere (Austria, Canada, Iceland, Russia), summer air temperatures were about 3° to 5°C warmer than today between 10,000 and 8000 years ago, when CO2 values held steady at 260 ppm.

Permafrost that exists today in northern Sweden wasn’t present just a few hundred years ago, as the region was too warm to support permafrost until recent centuries.

Tree trunk remains located 600 to 700 meters atop the limits of today’s barren mountain treelines (northern Sweden) date to the Early Holocene, suggesting temperatures were 3-4°C warmer than today from about 9000 to 6000 years ago.


One claim of the climate alarmists is that sea level rise is accelerating and will wipe out coastal cities. Since Earth is currently warming from one of the cold periods, sea level is rising slowly at the rate of 1-to 3.4 millimeters a year (about the thickness of one or two pennies). The rate of sea level rise is cyclical, controlled mainly by solar cycles. If you start counting at one of the low points in the cycle, then, yes, the rate appears to be increasing. See my ADI article: The Sea Level Scam.

Carbon dioxide emissions and the “Greenhouse effect” are claimed as the chief villain in alarmist’s narratives. But, even if the entire world stopped emitting carbon dioxide, it would make a difference in global temperature of less than one degree Celsius by the year 2100. That’s because the Greenhouse hypothesis ignores convective heat transfer (weather) which shreds the greenhouse “blanket.”

See: Evidence that CO2 emissions do not intensify the greenhouse effect

Carbon dioxide emissions is the fake boogeyman. The UN admits that its real goal is to transform the global economy away from capitalism.

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See: Top UN official admits climate change is about transforming world economy

Back in 2010, Ottmar Edenhofer, a German economist and co-chair of the IPCC Working Group III, explicitly affirmed the economic objective: “Climate policy has almost nothing to do anymore with environmental protection… One must say clearly that we redistribute the world’s wealth by climate policy…”

In my opinion, most of the climate demonstrators have been sipping the “climate Kool-ade” and have become the “useful idiots” in the quest to transform the world economy.

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  1. This discussion showcases any variation of opinions. If you don’t agree with us…shut up! How did the left get so uneducated?

    By the way snowfall in Montana yesterday was the earliest and coldest September on record….I know I know it’s “climate change.”

    Ask the elite illiterates, “what if we go to far?” what damage could we do?

  2. This is what needs to be understood about “just 1 or 2 degrees…”

    Lets say your heating up a two gallon pot of water to make spaghetti. The water is at 80 degrees. Turn on the burner and wait a few minutes, the added heat energy raises the temp to 82 degrees. No big deal. You could hardly feel the difference.

    Now picture the pot is the Gulf of Mexico. How many stove burners will it take to raise the temp of all those gazillion tons of water 2 degrees?

    Temperature and heat energy are two very different things.

    Again, imagine all those stove burners, all that heat energy roaring away trying to heat all that water “just 1 or 2 degrees…” That is the energy which strengthens hurricanes, changes ocean and air circulation patterns, melts permafrost–all of that.

    A gas burner big enough to heat the entire world’s oceans and land 1 or 2 degrees would be insanely massive.

    It is not the difference between 108 and 110 Fahrenheit.

  3. Gee, so I guess our hottest months on record are fake news, and the melting permafrost is good because it opens the land up for drilling, and the the devastating storms around the world, including the US, are fake boogeymen, and tornadoes in Southern Arizona are a result of drinking kool-aid…. Put the ideological blinkers aside and just open your eyes!

      • Of course it did. And one big event we know of was when a huge volcano eruption filled the atmosphere with tiny particles and the earth cooled and the dinosaurs went extinct. To think that our billions of humans building concrete cities, driving emission-spewing vehicles, cutting down forests, sending who-knows-what up through smokestacks, etc. etc. has no effect — that boggles the mind! I’m as guilty as any individual — I drive a gas-powered truck, I depend on A/C in our long summers, I eat meat — but it is our cumulative effect, and our mistaken notion that humankind can bend nature to our will that is doing the damage.

        And Hank, between old age and cancer caused by exposure to benzene in my youth, I won’t be around to see the worst — but my kids and grandkids will….

    • lets see they say that the earth has gone thru these cycles about every 10000 years and that the last mini ice age was what 2000 years ago or so? So how is this anything different than what the idiot left called for the last 20+ years with gorp saying we are going to freeze to death and now they are claiming we will roast and the earth will self destruct? Yes everything including NATURE goes thru differing cycles and things change. What ya gonna say in 15-20 years if you are still around and so are we?

  4. I live in Arizona, whats two degrees. Once it hits 110, I don’t even feel 3 degrees, it’s all the same to me.

  5. Thanks Jonathan for giving us the information and talking points to counter the daily BS we’re subjected to in the brainwashed media.

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