Navajo County Sheriff’s Office Arrest Suspect For Shooting Horses

Ryland Haynes,

Ryland Haynes, age 19, has been arrested in connection with the shooting and killing of horses in late September.

According to the Navajo County Sheriff’s Office, on September 30, 2019 around 9:43 a.m., deputies were dispatched to Forest Service Road 9890G, in Pinedale, regarding two domestically owned horses being shot and killed.

On October 5, the Sheriff’s Office received information regarding several possible suspects that may have information about the shooting of the horses. After interviewing Haynes, authorities had enough probable cause to arrest the 19-year-old.

Haynes was charged with disorderly conduct involving weapons, unlawful killing of livestock, and criminal damage.

More arrests may be pending.

Sheriff David Clouse stated, “The Sheriff’s Office has been working diligently on this case since we received information about the deceased horses. We are pleased a suspect was identified and arrested but we still have a lot of work to do. This was truly a senseless crime that needed to be resolved as soon as possible.”

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    time to cull 1/2 these horses – most came here during RODEO CHEDISKI fire from those in area who let them go
    wildlife REQUIRES MANAGEMENT – and there are to many today in small area around heber/show low

  2. Totally beyond senseless stupidity. Ryland Haynes obviously has some serious mental, emotional and maturity issues on full display.
    Often the idea of animal lives being insignificant thereby warranting abuse is a early sign of more serious cruelty issues to come involving people next.
    Hopefully part of his sentencing will include vast hours of community service involving the caring of horses in order that he might see them as something other then a target to ease his boredom.

    The Oracle

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