Hundreds Line Up For Donald Trump Jr.’s “Triggered” Phoenix Book Signing Event

Hundreds of Arizonans waited outside Costco on Sunday for the opportunity to purchase a signed copy of Donald Trump Jr.'s book, Triggered.

Images filled Twitter on Monday showing hundreds of Valley residents waiting for the start of Donald Trump Jr.’s book signing event. Trump Jr. appeared at a Costco in Scottsdale as part of his Triggered: How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us book tour.

Demonstrators lining the streets and entrances to the shopping area were outnumbered.

Trump Jr. drew equally large crowds on his second stop on Monday in Las Vegas.

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  1. I love how we’re finally hitting back. Thanks Jr for a great book that sets their hair on fire. I went to see NO SAFE SPACES last night at El Con. Riveting movie. Very well done. I’m sure it would “trigger” Albert.

  2. And then they booed him for refusing to take any questions. So it was “ruined” by his supporters — there’s hope for America yet!

    • yes as the right it seems KNOWS when to boo, the left well everytime they open their yaps its just to boo hooo. As he said why say anything as the left will just distort it and try to make the lies the truth.

  3. Good for Arizona. Does my heart good to see this. And I’m so glad it wasn’t ruined by the whiny little democrats or the elitist McCains.

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