RT America’s Boom Bust Daniel Brito Sentenced To 12 Days For Attack On Tucson Trump Supporter

Former aide to Congressman Raul Grijalva pleads guilty to Aggravated Assault On An Incapacitated Victim, Theft

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Daniel Brito Pima County Sheriff's Office booking photo | Brito's RT America personality page screen shot.

On Monday, Pima County Superior Court Judge Gus Aragon sentenced RT America’s Boom Bust host, Daniel Brito, to 12 days in the Pima County jail and three years probation for assaulting a Trump supporter, Jonathan Sparks. Brito attacked Sparks for wearing a “MAGA” hat on November 3, 2018.

On October 7, 2019, Brito entered a plea of guilty to the crimes of Theft By Control, a Class Six Undesignated Offense, and Aggravated Assault On An Incapacitated Victim.

Daniel Brito is the co-host of Boom Bust, a global, daily, live report covering the world of business and finance, produced by RT America.

Daniel Brito is the co-host of Boom Bust, a global, daily, live report covering the world of business and finance, produced by RT America.

Despite the fact that Brito is a international television personality, on May 6, 2019, Judge Aragon found Brito to be “indigent and qualifies for court appointed counsel.” Judge Aragon appointed the head of the Pima County Public Defender’s Office, Joel Feinman, to represent Brito.

View affidavit here and other court documents here.

The ADI reported in April 2019:

According to both parties, Sparks was attacked from behind as he wore a Make America Great Again hat and held a pro-Republican sign, Vote Jobs not Mobs – Vote Republican, in downtown Tucson. The hat was grabbed from Sparks from behind and when he tried to retrieve it Sparks was thrown to the ground by Zaroes Brito.

Zaroes Brito is a former Legislative Assistant to U.S. Rep. Raul Grijalva.

According to numerous reports, Brito jumped onto Sparks breaking his ankle in several places, requiring hospitalization and surgery. Brito, a Democrat, was heard shouting things about ‘Hitler’, ‘Nazi’ and ‘Trump’ at Sparks during the incident, making it clear he was attacking Sparks for his political beliefs.

Sparks read a prepared statement recapping the pain and suffering he endured.

Feinman argued that Brito should not be held out as an example of others suffering from “Trump Derangement Syndrome,” who have attacked conservatives. Feinman claimed Brito showed remorse for the attack, has a wife, 2 children, and is afirst time offender.

Brito was ordered to self-report to the Pima County Sheriff’s Office in 2 weeks, December 2, to serve his 12 days in jail.

“Justice was not served today,” said Sparks supporter Angie Anderson. Eric L. Hager, Sparks’ attorney and the attorney for the State were magnificent. Sparks mom came from Wyoming to stand by his side.” Anderson was incredulous that Brito, “who works for RT America, a pay television news channel registered as a ‘foreign agent'” could qualify for a public defender.”

Brito is a member of the Metro DC Democratic Socialists of America.

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  1. When the democRATS start the civil war that is brewing, this trash Brito will get what he has coming. He tries that with the wrong person and it will be a murder trial. I would be happy be beat his ass or any of the others for 12 days in the clink.

  2. Unfortunately there is going to come a day when some idiot like this one attacks someone who is armed and one or more of the attackers gets shot over it especially after breaking a bone. That would be grounds for using deadly force to protect themselves

    Oh and Albert get a grip. Trump supporters are defending themselves against the likes of ANTIFAH and have every right to do so.

    • We can only conclude that Judge Gus Aragon looked at a case that any non-Democrat lawyer would see as open and shut; two strong witnesses, other witnesses, multiple confessions with the attacker waiving his Miranda rights. But Judge Aragon agreed with the prosecutor’s office that the case was weak so they needed to give probation. The judge signed off on the deal after hearing the victim Jonathan Sparks detail the horrific attack.

      Yes, we can all see what Judge Gus Aragon did.

      • Judge Aragon rides again!!! Boy this guy is a piece of work; can anyone name a case on which Aragon ruled rationally? Obviously, Aragon is bought and paid for by those in command in this county. We are ALL vulnerable.

      • Case was weak? Where? Even the Grand Jury added the more serious charge of Agg Assault, serious physical injury, which the CA did not charge????? If the grand jurors added it, something which rarely occurs, you can bet it was a good case. 1/2 guilty verdict on all counts if it went to trial.
        people harassing Border Patrol Agents- no charges
        people fighting police in the street out on Congress st a couple years ago- no charges?
        the illegal who escaped from the hospital, tpd said could not help border patrol, those people obstructing Border Patrol assisted in the escape-no charges
        and now an ice cold case any first year prosecutor could try?
        And what about restitution? who pays?
        Is it really that bad in Tucson? de facto Sanctuary??

  3. Is Mr. Sparks going to wear his hat in public again? Or has Mr. Brito crushed his First Amendment rights?
    12 days is what you get for busting up an ankle, lifetime injuries? What? And no restitution?
    Clearly a hate crime.
    I don’t see people from the JCC patrolling downtown Tucson beating on people with MAGA hats and many of them are descendants of Holocaust survivors.

  4. What about restitution? Medical expenses? Who pays for that? us?
    Is it true the Grand Jury added the count of Agg Assault Serious Physical Injury? And asked to add Hate crime? So how do we get a misdemeanor out of this? Clearly if Grand Jurors added these charges, it’s a good indication of what a trial jury would do?????

  5. Brito showed no remorse in court and has made no public statements that I’ve seen.

    His first lawyer was Brian Chase. According to his website, Brian Chase is a Super Lawyers Rising Star, Lead Counsel Certified, a Top 40 Under 40 recipient, and a trial skills professor. Chase waived all fees in May. If he started at the beginning that’s 6 months of Super Lawyer for free. Wow!

    • a 10 year probation – 60 days in jail – complete restitution – 3 years in jail for any further similar instances.

  6. I hope the 12 days feel as slow as 12 years to this coward.

    Notwithstanding such a measly sentence, at least Aragon could have assigned the twelve days to Dec 22 – Jan 2.

    • And of course all left wing and antifa attacks are just pudding… right? Don’t dare wear a hat that triggers some nitwit.

    • Al, where’s all these TRUMP supporter attackers? I’d add that those that back Trump don’t take the rights of those anti-T citizens. Just listen to the Pelosi words from yesterday, ‘we’re not going to wait on the courts’ yeah Pelosi you think your above the courts… that’s why your proceedings are destroying the nation now.

  7. Blames Trump. He’s sorry he got caught. 2 tiered justice system on display. Vote Democrat if you’re ok with this, but remember they will turn on you if you don’t walk the party line.

  8. Maybe the new Mayor will ‘honor’ this Grijalva devotee with a statue, a symbol of Tucson being the Center of Resistance and Hate. Right next to Pancho Villa would be appropriate.

  9. Maybe Brito should have thought about “a wife, 2 children” before he attached Sparks. He’s a dirt bag that got a free attorney!

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