Ducey Delivers State Of The State, Politicos React

Governor Doug Ducey laid out his 2020 policy priorities during his State of the State speech.

PHOENIX — On Monday, Governor Doug Ducey delivered the State of the State address as part of the opening of the 2020 Legislative Session. His theme, “The Arizona Way” sparked considerable reaction on social media.

Friends and foes reacted to his speech which covered everything from taxes to traffic:

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  1. Hey how about we eliminate public schools and go full press school vouchers and private/home schools. That would eliminate the public teachers union corruption in one fell swoop, and eliminate commie core at the same time.

    Did you notice how Ducey left out his “Safe Schools Plan”? That’s because it’s full of gun control and ‘feel safe’ nonsense. What a load of leftist garbage.

    Ok then, back to the clown show….

  2. Would be good if we could keep new folks from voting on locl issues for at least 5 years to keep the insanity they will try to bring from happening. Dont need the idiocy they are leaving where ever from and trying to make this place just like the one they ran away from! Remember when or or wash passed ordinances not allowing people to move in due to the stupidity they brought with them? Might be something to consider. More people her with no real economy to support them particularly in pima co. The democraps dont want any type of economy except for free handouts which they promise but never seem to deliver!!

    • An idea has been floating around in my head for the past couple years. In the United States, there are two sets of citizenship: United States citizenship, and State citizenship. Historically, states held their own distinct requirements for State citizenship, which would be required for voting privileges, etc. In more recent times though, states have opted for the simple requirement of residency.

      Tying voting to State citizenship and increasing requirement for state citizenship would be a great idea in my opinion. Of course, the left would probably quickly bring it to federal court for some misinterpretation of the 14th amendment or other, and given the current views of the legislature and governor, it probably won’t be happening anytime soon.

  3. as Arizona turns more purple each day – with interlopers from blue country
    we are seeing more and more DEBT being put on balance sheet
    and not addressing social issues – fewer SNAP, better retiree resources, 1 price healthcare – will only lead to more poverty by 99%
    oh well, as they say
    bankruptcy happens slowly – then suddenly

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