Peoria Police Officer Hailed For Rescuing Downed American Flag

Peoria Police Officer Montes, a military veteran, is being hailed for her dedication and vigilance after she rescued an American flag that had been damaged from the wind.

A video posted by a Peoria resident of Peoria Police Officer Shelly Montes rescuing his American flag has landed on national television. Officer Montes was featured on Sunday morning on Fox and Friends after a doorbell video that captured her act of kindness went viral.

The Peoria Police Department shared the video in a Facebook post:

“While patrolling neighborhoods during the overnight hours, Peoria Police AZ Officer Montes, a military veteran (USAF), noticed an American Flag that had been damaged from the wind. The resident posted the video to thank Officer Montes for tending to the damaged flag.”

In her interview on Fox and Friends, Montez said, “Seeing the flag on the floor is painful to me. So I saw that, picked it up, and put it on his patio chair next to his doorstep.”

“I know I am not the only officer who does this,” said Officer Montez. “I know for a fact that there have been several other officers out there who take it upon themselves to do this. It is a sense of honor for our country and those of us who have served, and continue to serve our country.’

Officer Montez said she only learned that her act of kindness was captured on camera after the video “went pretty viral.”

State Representative Kevin Payne, who represents the people of Peoria, praised Officer Montez. “Officer Montes is a credit to the Peoria Police Department and a terrific reminder that in spite of all the ugliness featured in the media, ours is still a patriotic country filled with good people who love our nation and fly and respect our flag.”

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