Bill Seeks To Increase Transparency In State’s Sealed Bid Process

The House Committee on Government and Elections will consider a bill on January 27 to increase transparency in the competitive bidding process while making it easier for companies to do business with the state.

Rep. John Kavanagh (R-LD23) has introduced HB2051 to amend ARS §41-2533 under which all state contracts are required to be awarded by competitive sealed bid except as otherwise provided by law. The bill would require the Arizona Department of Administration (ADOA) to include a question and answer period outside the procurement process before sealed bids are submitted.

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The statute currently requires an invitation for bids to be issued with the purchase description and all contractual terms and conditions. However, the statute does not address how ADOA should handle questions -including requests for clarification- from bidders and other interested parties.

Kavanagh’s bill would amend the statute to require the ADOA’s director to accept written questions and to respond in writing. The director would then have to share all the questions and answers with any interested parties.

The other members of the House Committee are Reps. Judy Burges, Kelli Butler, Frank Carroll, John Fillmore, Jake Hoffman, Jennifer Jermaine, Jennifer Pawlik, Kevin Payne, Bret Roberts, Athena Salman, Stephanie Stahl Hamilton, and Raquel Teran. Kavanagh is the committee chairman.