Scottsdale Police Close Greenburg Case, Civil Rights Violations Investigation Continues

Mark Greenburg, father of Scottsdale Unified School District Governing Board President Jann-Michael Greenburg spied on protestors at the district's offices.

While investigations into the violation of parents’ civil rights continues, the Scottsdale Police Department has concluded its limited criminal investigation into Scottsdale Unified School Board member Jann-Michael Greenberg. Greenburg was accused of cyberstalking parents in and out of the District.

Scottsdale Police spokesman Sgt. Kevin Quon advised on Thursday that investigators did not find anything in the Google Drive on Greenburg’s computer that rose to the level of criminal conduct. Because the drive contained opensource and/or public documents “no criminal conduct has been committed at this time that would be under the jurisdiction of the Scottsdale Police Department.”

Greenburg was demoted in November when a majority of his fellow Board members stripped him of the Board presidency. He and his colleagues have ignored the loud chorus of voices calling for his resignation.

Although Greenburg has avoided criminal charges at the moment, he continues to face harsh criticism from parents, students, and other stakeholders:

One of the parents victimized by the exposure of the Greenburg Google drive, Heather Rooks, a mother of children in the Peoria Unified School District, says the matter is not settled.

“The Scottsdale Police have stated he didn’t do anything criminal but that doesn’t change the fact that what he did was wrong,” Rooks told the Arizona Daily Independent. “He needs to resign. He swore an oath when he became a Scottsdale Board member. In my opinion he broke that oath with this Google drive. It is in the best interest of the students, community and the parents in Scottsdale for him to resign.”

Scottsdale Unified Scrambles To Assure Parents After Secret Dossier Discovered On School Board Member’s Computer

Attorney Alexander Kolodin, of the Davillier Law Group, told the Arizona Daily Independent, “These allegations are deeply troubling, especially as concerns the photography of a minor child without parental consent and the taking down of license plate numbers of parents who Mr. Greenberg supposedly perceived as political opponents. Mr. Greenberg is an elected member of the school board. If such a photograph was taken with his express or tacit consent, he would potentially be liable for violations of Arizona’s Parents’ Bill of Rights, which recognizes a parent’s “fundamental” right to consent before the government makes a video or voice recording of the minor child.”

Parents say it is Greenburg and his father who have ramped up fear by filming and photographing them, as well as following them on social media sites.

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Scottsdale Police Detectives have met with the FBI and Arizona Attorney General’s Office, briefed them, and provided them with a copy of our investigation for review in determining if any criminal acts might fall under their respective jurisdictions. Scottsdale Police Detectives also met with the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office and briefed them on the investigation.

The Scottsdale portion of this investigation is now closed.

A recall effort of Greenburg and his fellow Board members by Scottsdale Unified School District parents is underway.

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