AZ GOP Files Suit Over Arizona’s Illegal Election Laws

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On Friday, the Arizona GOP filed a Special Action with the Arizona Supreme Court asking for it to consider the underlying constitutional issues surrounding recent abuses they allege have been committed by Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs. In short, the Party claims that “Arizona’s “early voting” statutes—which provide for “absentee” or “no-excuse mail-in” voting—violate the Arizona Constitution, in whole or in part.”

“Absentee ballots remain the largest source of potential voter fraud,” concluded a report from a bipartisan commission co-chaired by President Jimmy Carter and James Baker III, former President George H. W. Bush’s secretary of state.

Experts agree that little has changed since that report was issued in 2005. In fact, due to the recent pandemic, many standards put in place to ensure that mail voting could not be abused were lifted for convenience.

The Arizona Republican Party shares the concerns outlined in the 2005 report, and has consistently over the years since expressed concerns over the security of mail-in voting. The framers of Arizona’s constitution also shared these concerns, which is why our constitution requires that official ballots be distributed “at the polls[,]” and that voting be limited to one day.

“Many states with similar provisions have amended their constitutions to allow for mail-in voting. Yet in 1991, Arizona’s politicians gave us an insecure system of no- excuse mail in voting without taking this necessary step. Now Secretary Hobbs has taken this unconstitutional act and run with it, authorizing unmonitored drop-boxes without any legal authority and failing to even provide lawful procedures for verifying signatures on early ballots. Enough is enough,” said AZGOP attorney Alexander Kolodin.

The debate over the integrity of our elections has been divisive because it has been led by politicians. But among ordinary Arizonans there is consensus: Polling data shows that early voting is popular but that, ultimately, voters care more about security than convenience. As our framers recognized, only constitutional protections, put in place by the people, are sufficient to secure our elections. It is time to return power to the people and allow Arizonans to build upon this consensus by deciding via constitutional amendment whether to authorize early voting and, if so, what procedural safeguards the system needs to merit inclusion in the Arizona Constitution.

“Republicans have been leading the charge for election integrity in recent years, but ensuring our laws are followed and our election results are accurate and reliable is not a partisan goal.” said Sergio Arellano, a leader in the Arizona Republican Party and the runner-up in the last AZGOP State Chairman’s race.  “It is right that the courts intervene, require our laws to be followed, and provide clarity on some critical questions about our election process.”

“Perhaps what dismays me the most is the lack of political will to secure elections in Arizona,” Arizona State Senator Kelly Townsend told the Arizona Daily Independent. “The thing I hear most from legislators is that voters want convenience and don’t want us to take away mail-in voting, but I know that is not the case. If it violates our Arizona Constitution, then it needs to be addressed. That would be like saying that we should ignore the U.S. Constitution if something is inconvenient. I hope that someday soon there will be enough political courage in this state to do fix our elections. If that won’t happen in the Legislature, perhaps the courts will take care of it.”


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  1. Federal law says that the Tuesday hat is after the first Monday in November is Election Day. Not two months prior nor 5 days past

  2. The establishment, whatever party, has been in control. They continue to change the rules to stay in power. One vote for one legal voter is what we need. We need secure elections, we need to confidently know that the people have chosen the people who are supposed to serve us, not establishment hacks who have no regard for our Constitution.
    President Trump won in 2016 completely taking the establishment by surprise, and they are now focused on not allowing the people to have that much power, changing the rules to never lose again. We are now watching our country being destroyed by the hands whomever is pulling the strings on the bumbling resident of 1600.

  3. Should say “alleged” unconstitutional election laws. You would think they would cite that portion of the law they think is unconstitutional.
    My belief is like the alleged ability to decertify after the electors are selected by the popular vote, it doesn’t exist.

  4. The Republicans have been in control for over how many years? They are not even happy with their own laws!

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