AZ State Senator Kelly Townsend Calls Out The “Grifters” In The GOP

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In a fiery floor speech, Arizona State Senator Kelly Townsend took direct aim at those she called grifters within the Republican Party.

Her remarks began as she explained how she would have voted on the previous day’s censure vote against State Senator Wendy Rogers, who has garnered national attention for her associations and support of white nationalists and her attendance at a conference where attendees cheered the Russian invasion of the Ukraine and chanted Vladimir Putin’s name.

Townsend explained that she would have voted to support Rogers if Rogers made it clear that her remarks supporting white nationalist Nick Fuentes were limited to supporting his First Amendment rights to speak, instead of supporting his public positions and statements.  But with Rogers refusing to apologize and doubling down on her support of the content of Fuentes’ remarks, Townsend said that she would have voted to support the censure.

In a later speech, Townsend took aim at Rogers for trying to raise money off of the entire episode, by misrepresenting what was happening and for targeting Senate Republicans like Karen Fann and Sonny Borrelli, calling them communists and part of the “uniparty,” a slur meant to suggest that there is no difference between liberal Democrats and Republicans like Fann or Borrelli.

“It’s time to say enough is enough,” Townsend said, “I don’t appreciate getting emails in my email box accusing me of things that I am not guilty of so that somebody can fill their coffers and pay their nephew and buy somebody a new car,” in what was likely a reference to Rogers’ longstanding business relationship with a political consulting firm run by her nephew.

Rogers is infamous when it comes to over the top fundraising solicitations that get donors all excited, only to leave them disappointed with her actual results.  Still, Rogers’ style, grift or not, has been extremely lucrative for her and her nephew’s firm, resulting in millions of dollars flowing into her coffers from small donors all over the country.


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