Karrin Taylor Robson As The Outsider: Sunday’s Comic

karrin taylor robson comic

Two of Arizona’s elites, former governors Fife Symington and Jan Brewer have endorsed the ultimate elite insider, Karrin Taylor Robson, for governor. Taylor Robson, one of the wealthiest women in the state, was appointed to the powerful Arizona Board of Regents by Governor Doug Ducey. At the time of her appointment as a Regent, politicos speculated that Ducey and company were getting her ready for something bigger.

Now, Taylor Robson is attempting to portray herself as “The Outsider.” Only rubes will believe it, but rubes vote …


  1. Outsider yeah right. Cindy McCain is all for her as well. And of course Fife had to resign in disgrace when the FBI indicted him and later accepted a pardon from a President who was impeached for perjury. The people will either vote for Matt Salmon or Kari Lake. We don’t need anymore John McCain lovers!!

  2. I won’t vote for anyone associated with, appointed by, worked for, or best buddies with McCain/Ducey machine. That includes Bennett, Ciscomanti. Done with establishment who continually stab us in the back and retire with lots of $$$$.

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