AZ Legislature Week In Review – Week Ending June 16, 2024

az capitol

On Saturday, June 16, the longer-than-necessary second regular session of the 56th Arizona legislature finally came to an end with a final agreement on the state budget.

This budget has been described by some as the “most fiscally conservative budget in over a decade.”

As usual when there is a divided government and a shortage of funds, it took a lot of belt tightening and compromise to reach a final agreement. The result was a budget that not many were happy with, but most accepted it as a necessary compromise.

Details regarding what was in the budget may be seen by clicking HERE

But, while the budget was the central issue, there was a flurry of other activity during the last few days of the session. Most notably, several water-related bills were sent to the governor. Here are the results:


SB1081 exemption area; assured water supply
SB1181 groundwater replenishment; member lands; areas
SB1242 water conservation grant fund; purpose


SB1172 land division; water; transportation; turf
HB2017 assured water supply; commingling
HB2020 long-term storage; stormwater; rainwater; rules
HB2062 assured water supply; certificate; model
HB2127 assured water supply certificate; effluent

The governor explained her vetoes of all these bills in one veto letter, which may be read HERE