Arizona Republicans Make “Significant” Contributions To GOP Platform


Arizona State Representative Alexander Kolodin and Susan Ellsworth, Arizona’s delegates to the Republican National Committee’s (RNC) Platform Committee, are being applauded for making “significant contributions” to the 2024 platform.

The duo says the contributions reflect their “steadfast commitment to conservative principles and the values of Arizonans.”
Arizona’s delegates are said to have played a crucial role in shaping key sections of the platform by emphasizing the importance of election integrity, constitutional governance, and a strong pro-life stance.

Many of their proposals have been adopted into the national platform, ensuring that the values of Arizona are represented at the highest level.

Kolodin and Susan Ellsworth successfully advocated for what they describe as the inclusion of “measures aimed at securing our elections. As they proposed, the platform now includes language supporting a return to single-day voting, voter ID, paper ballots, and documented proof of citizenship.”

The two advocated for and successfully secured “strong statements urging the dismantling of the deep state and protecting First Amendment rights against censorship.”

Kolodin and Ellsworth say their commitment to non-interventionism is reflected in the platform’s stance about avoiding wars that do not advance core national interests.

As pro-life activists, Kolodin and Ellsworth signed the strong pro-life minority report.

Although many in the pro life community shared Kolodin and Ellsworth’s sentiments, other pro life groups applauded the platform for its strong stance.

A side by side comparison of the language proposed by Arizona’s delegation to President Trump with the language adopted in the platform follows:

Election Integrity/Voting Rights “We support a reasoned return to Single Day Voting.”

“A return to precinct hand counting of paper ballots cast at the polls, on election day, served our country well for many years.”

“Requiring photo ID and proof of citizenship for all voters is a fundamental step in ensuring election integrity. Voter ID laws help prevent fraud by confirming the identity of each voter, ensuring that only eligible citizens participate in elections. Proof of citizenship requirements further safeguard against illegal voting by verifying that all voters are indeed U.S. citizens. These measures are critical for maintaining public confidence in the electoral process and ensuring that only lawful votes are counted.”


“6. Republicans Will Ensure Election Integrity
We will implement measures to secure our Elections, including Voter ID, highly sophisticated paper ballots, proof of Citizenship, and same day Voting. We will not allow the Democrats to give Voting Rights to illegal Aliens. ”

No More States “The U.S. Territories; Our Nation’s Capital

It remains imperative for Congress to assert, by whatever means necessary, its constitutional prerogatives regarding the District.”

“3. Make Washington D.C. the Safest and Most Beautiful Capital City Republicans will reassert greater Federal Control over
Washington, DC to restore Law and Order in our Capital City, and ensure Federal Buildings and Monuments are well-maintained.”
Against Weaponization of the Government “The First Amendment: Freedom of Expression; Defeating the Deep State and its Weaponization of U.S. the Government

Basic morality, particularly considering the First Amendment and our nation’s founding principles, makes the weaponization of government against citizens completely repugnant. Such weaponization is by now beyond reasonable doubt and has been verified in such revolting instances as Russiagate, both of the most recent presidential impeachments, the 2020 riots and U.S. elections, the persecution of “January 6” (“J6”) political prisoners, and the highly political prosecution of President Trump.

The Republican National Committee urges the next President of the United States to ensure the survival of the First Amendment by prioritizing and aggressively dismantling the deep state and its pervasive weaponization of our government.” “Voting Rights

Above all, the Republican Party opposes attempts to censor speech related to our elections process.

Free speech is a cornerstone of our constitutional government, and stifling debate or dissent about election integrity undermines transparency, and accountability. Censoring election-related discourse prevents the public from fully engaging with and scrutinizing the electoral process, leading to a loss of trust and a weakened democratic system. We believe in protecting the free exchange of ideas and information, ensuring that all voices can be heard in the pursuit of fair and just elections.”


“Republicans will offer a clear, precise, and USA oriented plan to stop the Radical Left Democrats’ Weaponization of Government and its Assault on American Liberty.

1.  Republicans Will Stop Woke and Weaponized Government

We will hold accountable those who have misused the power of Government to unjustly prosecute their Political Opponents. We will declassify Government records, root out wrongdoers, and fire corrupt employees. (PG. 15)

2.  Republicans Will Dismantle Censorship & Protect Free Speech

We will ban the Federal Government from colluding with anyone to censor Lawful Speech, defund institutions engaged in censorship, and hold accountable all bureaucrats involved with illegal censoring. We will protect Free Speech online.”

America-First Foreign Policy Against Interventionism and Unconstitutional War in Ukraine

The conflict in Ukraine is not a defensive war for the United States, and the outcome of which does not directly impact the safety or security of the United States or its citizens.

No U.S. citizen should be put into harm’s way for yet another unconstitutional war or for the expansion of NATO, nor should U.S. taxpayers be forced to finance such war. It is patently within the core strategic interest of the American people for the U.S.
government to enter into negotiations … to bring this new Cold War and its resulting human suffering and instability to a swift end.”


1. The National Interest

Republicans will promote a Foreign Policy centered on the most essential American Interests, starting with protecting the American Homeland, our People, our Borders, our Great American Flag, and our Rights under God.”

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  1. All these words and there is still an open border, drugs coming in, slavers coming in, illegals coming in and what is done? Other than words? While president Trump may not appeal to many people at least he did something! Finish The Wall!

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