Comic: The Tower Is Tipping, Get Out the Vote

My ‘six story high, tipping point tower’ concept came to me shortly after publishing my June 5, 2020 editorial with Chico’s Enterprise Record, titled “Tower is tipping, but where to redirect the rage?”

This morning I finished rewriting again my “Vision Statement” of said Political Cartoon wherein, I include the deep facts plus very current events about the last fifty years up to today –a synopsis of the difficult road to freedom that includes the martyrs who died for Freedom, plus civic spirit protestors who demand reforms nationwide today that will provide greater freedoms for all.

I describe how we have one chorus today based on an informed history that is grounded in the mantra from The Liberator by editor William Lloyd Garrison:

“We are earnest. We will not equivocate. We will not excuse.”

And now the very heavens open up! There comes a great crescendo! It is the reckoning on hand: “WE WILL BE HEARD! BLACK LIVES MATTER!”

—Richard Burrill
Chico, California