McSally Supporters Say She Planned To Ditch CD2 House Seat For Senate All Along

Rep. Martha McSally in her D.C. office. [Photo from Facebook]
Listen to Chuck Wooten’s interview:

News of Rep. Martha McSally’s expected entrance into the U.S. Senate race has surprised few politicos in southern Arizona. In fact, McSally’s entry was anticipated long before she ever took her seat in the House of Representatives.

On Tuesday, retired Air Force Command Chief Master Sergeant Chuck Wooten revealed McSally’s meticulous plans to rise to power through Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District (CD2). In an interview on the James T. Harris show, Wooten, a favorite of the grassroots in the 2014 CD2 Republican Primary, said that McSally only intended to serve in the House until the spot opened up for her in the Senate. Wooten said, “I do believe that the plan all along was for her to do two terms and eventually – what I heard at the time -was that she would then take Senator McCain’s seat. Because as you know they are very connected, and I believe that’s why she was victorious in that race and I was not; because she had the full weight of that office behind her. I was told that was the plan. Her seat in Congress was to groom her for the anointing of her first Senate term in McCain’s seat.”

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Wooten recalled that former House Speaker Boehner and Eric Cantor came to southern Arizona to raise McSally money. “She is the definition of the GOP establishment.”

Harris said that he recalled hearing that McSally was groomed because no one expected McCain to get sick. “So what they would have done was appoint her – they would find some reason for McCain to resign – and they would appoint her to that seat so she could run it’s an incumbent. Now they have a twofer.” Harris said that the establishment can run McSally for Flake’s seat and appoint another establishment candidate to McCain’s seat, which is expected to be vacated before the end of his term.

“What I saw in my campaign was a full-court press from the GOP, starting from the kneecapping from you-know-who that guy is,” said Wooten referring to Arizona RNC chair Bruce Ash, who called for Harris to be kneecapped due to his support for Wooten, “to Robert Graham. Not to mention dragging me into court and filing a frivolous lawsuit just to drain me of money. I say that because I know that Ward faces the same thing. So my message to Ward’s supporters is to support her, support her early, and support her often.”

“You’re going to have to,” explained Wooten, “because I know from first-hand experience what it costs personally and professionally to go up against the GOP establishment. They ain’t playing.”

“I think Kelli is a formidable opponent. I fully endorse Ward, but I’m not a spokesman for her campaign; I just want to make that clear,” said Wooten.

“To say she is a careerist is absolutely true,” said Wooten of McSally. “She does exactly what she needs to do to get what she wants.”

“She has the Jeff Flake syndrome. She sees the writing on the wall. She knows she can’t get re-elected in CD2,” said Wooten explaining why McSally has no choice but to run for the Senate.


  1. Republicans in CD-2 better hope Wooten doesn’t run, and if he does, that he doesn’t win the primary. If he becomes the candidate in the general election, Kirkpatrick’s opposition-research team will discover things he doesn’t want discovered. Besides, his claim to fame is a single letter, written in a moment in time, that went viral. Yes, he’s a skilled writer, but that doesn’t qualify him to serve in congress. Put him in, and Kirkpatrick wins! This CD-8 Republican hopes you’re smarter than that.

  2. Hopefully we will get a strong Republican candidate to run for Congress in that district wether or no t she decides to run for both seats.

  3. I heard the Wooten interview on the James T. Harris Show and was surprised to hear his assessment of McSally as a careerist and a protege of McCain and his praise of Kelli Ward. How can conservatives vote for one best friend of Mac`s, McSally, to fill the seat held by another best friend of Mac`s, Senator Flake? Ward showed absolutely nothing in her primary campaign against McCain so how can she beat the much less reviled McSally?

  4. McSally won’t win against Dr. Kelli Ward. Maybe she should run for McCain’s seat once it’s vacated.

  5. Every time I have written her office I have received a response. I simply ask how she is supporting on topic or another all having to do with pending legislation pertains to Arizona. I cut my cable 5 years ago and have had a better life since. I pay attention to policy and in my opinion McSally who some say was groomed looks good in that position to me. Lets not forget the powerful senator Sam Rayburn from Texas and his prodosia LBJ and look what happened there. If McSally pulls a LBJ on McCain I would be happy makes my day.

  6. We do not need more career politicians. We do not need someone who thinks that they can tell us they will do what we need them to do, and then forget about us once they get there. We need voters who understand that a government big enough to give us everything we want is big enough to take away every right we have.

  7. Just another political whore pretending to care about those who helped put them in office. In reality, McSally is gaming the system. Spend 2 years in the House, collect a fat pension. Move on to the Senate and collect yet another outrageous lifelong pension. Nowadays it’s not about the people but simply personal greed. What Arizona doesn’t need are more people like John McCain and Jeff Flake…both of which are very similar to the ‘toad’ Raul Grijalva.

  8. As a former campaign worker for Wooten, I can testify that Martha is not bad. Martha has a story, Martha has money sponsors and Martha plays well to veterans in much the same way McCain inspires their loyalty. What we need in CD2 is a congressional leader who advocates for We the People and not Me the Woman. Thank you to Martha for having the chutzpah to run and win.

  9. and the desallinaznation begins – she’s ———– and ——– . Maybe but until I hear other, I think she’s not bad. A bit meek if you ask me, lacking in some original thought – I’m interested to hear the other hats n’ heads talk.

    • She is not a conservative. I have seen Air Force officers like her during my career. Look at her “Conservative Review” rating. I haven’t checked in a while but it used to be lower than Raul… I am also not completely sold on Kelli Ward. She used to be a conservative and supported the Convention of the States to propose amendments to the constitution. But instead of trying to be her own candidate she is trying to emulate Trump. Not that Trump hasn’t done some good things, and I like the fact that he didn’t come up through the “political ranks”. I didn’t even vote for McSally last election and I can’t vote for her this time either. Look at her record… really look at it, and I think you will see that she is pretty much an opportunist who will do what ever it takes to further her career. I will support Kelli Ward… although somewhat reluctantly. I will however fully support Chuck Wooten if he ever decides to run again. Sorry for the extended rant…

      • McSillly takes out of the McShame playbook. She’s only conservative during an election year and she has voted way too many times along the party line even when urged by constituents not to and v opted in favorite of a repeal & replace bill that would have allowed the Insurance company to over charge me for my medical insurance. I will just write myself in if she wins the primary

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