Republicans Are Full Steam Ahead To Secure Trump’s ‘America First’ Agenda

Boaters on Lake Havasu are onboard the Trump train. [Photo via @kelliwardaz Twitter]

With less than two months to go before November 3rd, Arizona Republicans are full steam ahead to secure four more years of President Trump’s ‘America First’ agenda.

While just recently locating Arizona on a map, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have zero chances of catching up with the kind of on-the-ground, true enthusiasm our team sees for President Trump and Republicans across the state.

From securing the border, cutting taxes, negotiating historic trade deals that put Americans first, and pursuing historic deregulations, President Trump is following through on his promise to Make America Great Again.

In border states like Arizona, President Trump has taken strong action to stop deadly drugs from coming into the Grand Canyon State, prosecuted a record number of immigration-related crimes, cracked down on sanctuary cities, and enhanced vetting for individuals entering the country.

As promised, President Trump has taken the lead to secure America’s borders, with nearly 500 miles of border wall scheduled to be completed by the end of the year.

It is important to note that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are open-border radicals, who, if given the opportunity, would extend citizenship to millions of illegal aliens per year. Under a Joe Biden Administration, Arizonans would experience open borders and a flood of illegal immigration, all while providing them taxpayer-funded health care. A move like this would be detrimental to Arizona, increase competition for American jobs, worsen unemployment, and depress wages for U.S. workers.

American workers across the country, and right here in the Grand Canyon State, are experiencing the Great American Comeback thanks to President Trump’s leadership. That would be drastically different if career politicians like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were to be in charge, putting the economic security of every Arizonan is at risk.

Four years ago, after witnessing decades of bad trade deals and job-killing policies, President Trump put an end to the betrayal of American workers, achieved fair and balanced trade deals for the country, and built historic economic prosperity.

While Biden supported bad trade deals like NAFTA, which was responsible for killing 700,000 jobs and hollowing out the U.S. manufacturing sector, President Trump negotiated the landmark United States-Mexico Canada-Agreement (USMCA), which put American interests first, created jobs, and leveled the playing field with our top trading partners. Arizona’s farmers, processors, manufacturers, and small businesses who send agricultural products, cotton, and machinery across the world, are reaping the benefits of this new and improved deal.

The Grand Canyon State’s strong economic machine can be credited to the Trump Administration’s bold free-market policies that have protected taxpayer dollars, boosted small business growth, and supported Arizonans. First, through the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, which saved Arizona families an average of $1,354 per year and then through historic deregulations that have rescued the state’s workers from the job-killing red tape that has stifled economic growth for far too long.

Managing the economy has never been Joe Biden’s strong suit, as evidenced by his vow to repeal the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act “first thing,” which would raise taxes for families, small businesses, and 82% of middle-class Americans, plus cut the child tax credit in half. An additional financial burden of a $1,200 increase in taxes for the average American would also result from this disastrous repeal.

While Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have yet to personally connect with voters in the Grand Canyon State, Trump Victory and Republicans have not left the state since winning in 2016. Just this past week, our team made its four millionth voter contact. This unprecedented milestone stands in stark contrast to what the Democrats have accomplished in Arizona, as Joe Biden only began hiring staff in the state weeks ago. a far cry the non-existent operations of the Democrats, which show a frightening lack of preparation and dedication to Arizona voters.

In November, you will see what happens when you have a president that has delivered historic achievements and a campaign team that has spent years building relationships within communities as millions head to the polls and re-elect President Donald Trump and his ‘Promises Made, Promises Kept’ agenda.

Tommy Hicks Jr. is co-chairman of the Republican National Committee. Reach him on Twitter @TommyHicksGOP.

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Tommy Hicks Jr. is co-chairman of the Republican National Committee. Reach him on Twitter @TommyHicksGOP.