Arizona legislators move to put Bibles and guns into the classroom

Just when you thought the education situation in Arizona couldn’t get any stranger, it did. As soon as Arizonans won the fight to remove the Left’s anti-intellectual Aztec spirituality based Mexican American Studies classes from the Tucson Unified School District, we now get the Right’s Bible classes.

The House Education Committee voted 6-2 for HB 2563 to proceed forward. The law would allow publicly funded schools to teach the Bible.

Legislators introduced the law saying that the Bible is an important part of Western culture.

At the same time, members of TU4SD are lobbying for the bill’s defeat and going one step further by prohibiting partisans on the left and the right from politicizing our public school classrooms. Their proposal would hold a district responsible for teachers who breach their ethical code by using their classrooms to indoctrinate students in any political ideology.

Sen. Ron Gould, R-Lake Havasu City, introduced legislation which would allow faculty members and students carry guns onto college and university campuses, who have a state-issued permit, to carry a concealed weapon.

Arizona’s Governor vetoed a similar bill last year.