Franks issues scathing indictment of Obama on Christian genocide

ASSYRIAN-GENOCIDEThis week, Arizona Congressman Trent Franks issued a scathing indictment of President Obama for his failure to take any steps continued Christian genocide in Iraq. As chair of the International Religious Freedom Caucus, says he is outraged that the President has not said “one word” about what his “administration is doing or is planning to do, even as terrorists behead Christians, and play soccer with the decapitated heads.”

The text of his statement:

“Mr. President, last month, 55 of my colleagues and I sent you and Secretary Kerry a letter asking that you actively prioritize security and humanitarian support for the Christian community in Iraq. We specifically warned you of the dangers and brutality of the terrorist group ISIS, who are now rampaging across Iraq and terrorizing the vulnerable Christian population.

“In the letter, we specifically pointed out that, ‘Parts of Syria and Iraq that have previously fallen under the rule of ISIS have witnessed summary execution, beheadings and even crucifixions.’ And that, ‘Absent immediate action, we will most certainly witness the annihilation of an ancient faith community from the lands they’ve inhabited for centuries.’

“Tragically, Mr. President, you simply ignored us again, as you have done so many times before. And now ISIS, the group you once likened to a junior varsity basketball team—is beheading its way across Iraq, and has declared that there would be ‘nothing for [the Christians] but the sword” if they do not convert.’

“Mr. President, last week, ISIS torched an 1,800-year-old church in Mosul and deliberately and insidiously destroyed the historic tomb of Jonah.

“Last Sunday, for the first time in 1,600 years, there was no Mass in Mosul. The head of Iraq’s largest Christian community said, “For the first time in the history of Iraq, Mosul is now empty of Christians.”

“And now, images of ISIS beheadings, crucifixions, rapes, torture and mass execution are all over the Internet and social media. Just yesterday, I met with a group of NGOs based in Iraq who told me ISIS recently beheaded six Christians—and then proceeded to play soccer with their decapitated heads.

“Mr. President, the ISIS targeting of Christians has been systematic and horrifying and Iraq’s Christians in the region are now nearly extinct. It can rightly be called targeted religious cleansing, and, Sir, it is a crime against humanity.

“And yet, Mr. President, we have not heard a single word from you. Even as a literal Christian genocide is taking place at this very moment, you have not uttered even one syllable about what your administration is doing or planning to do to relieve or protect these persecuted Christians in Iraq.

“So now, speaking and pleading with you directly, Sir, I once again repeat the words we wrote in our letter to you a month ago:

“‘We urge you and your administration to urgently and actively engage with the Iraqi central government and the Kurdistan Regional Government to prioritize additional security support for these particularly vulnerable populations and provide emergency humanitarian assistance to those affected communities. Absent immediate action, we will most certainly witness the annihilation of an ancient faith community from the lands they’ve inhabited for centuries.’

“Mr. President, if you continue to ignore this Christian Genocide in Iraq, history WILL record that it was you who idly stood on the sidelines and KNOWINGLY let it happen.”



    An Israeli with a good Sense of Humor at United Nations set the record straight.

    An ingenious example of speech and politics occurred recently in the United Nations Assembly and made the world community smile.

    A representative from Israel began:
    ‘Before beginning my talk I want to tell you something about Moses: When he struck the rock and it brought forth water, he thought, “What a good opportunity to have a bath!”

    Moses removed his clothes, put them aside on the rock and entered the water. When he got out and wanted to dress, his clothes had vanished. A Palestinian had stolen them!

    The Palestinian representative at the UN jumped up and shouted furiously, “What are you talking about? The Palestinians weren’t there then.”

    The Israeli representative smiled and said, “And now that we have made that clear, I will begin my speech.”

  2. Sorry folks but your wrong. These issues have been part of the problem in middle east since George bush 1 & 2. Reagan had problems hell it dates back to Jesus time.

    Stop pointing finger. Unless you want more American blood shed we do this with economic, political & deplomatic avenues.

    I for one oppose huge cost $$$ and any lost of out men & women in uniform. When this current issue is resolved they will have another & another.

    • And while these so called diplomatic procedures and speeches drone on, more Christians are killed. The worst thing America can do is do nothing, remember the Holocaust? Is American blood more precious than the blood of innocent children?

  3. This situation in Iraq is horrific. But the non-response of our Muslim-in-Chief, surrounded by muslims and closet-muslims in the highest strata of his administration, is not surprising. A muslim cannot criticize muslims for jihad against a common enemy – Christians.

    Mr. McFranks has finally awakened to see one front in the world-wide persecution & genocide against Christians. How did he miss it in Egypt, Sudan, Nigeria, Syria, Libya and etc, and even here in his good ol’ USA where the war on Christianity has been ongoing and incessant and vicious? Remember SB1062? McFranks must be a sound sleeper. In fact, he was silent or even condemning when some courageous co-members of the House wanted to investigate the extent of the muslim brotherhood infiltration of the American government.

    This is an excellent letter to the MOTUS, and a good photo-op for Mr. McFranks to use in his primary re-election campaign, but where has Mr. McFranks been for the last six years?

    God bless America, and faithful Christians and Jews globally.

  4. Obama has always had his own agenda and defending the Christians of the world is not on his list. He’s a Muslim through and through, made evident every time he opens his mouth. When will the congress get a pair and bring about impeachment proceedings against this lunatic? Trent Franks is on the right path and I hope he continues to take Obama to task on this and other very important issues.

  5. Maranatha is an Aramaic word that means “the Lord is coming” – and it won’t be long now – the forces of ISIS will band against Israel – the pieces are falling into place – as prophecy has them – Iraq is the same it has been for 2000 years since they destroyed Israel – it will never change – the Christians are now being killed – persecuted – the beast is having his day – how long till it starts here – not long, but it will only last a very very short time. God Bless America – God Bless Israel.

  6. Thanks Trent for telling obama about this tragedy, I am sure he would have never heard about it because the MSM won’t report it.
    We should all be shouting against genocide.

  7. God bless Trent Franks for calling out Obama. POTUS and those of his ilk are without excuse.

  8. Good letter full of truths but the real truth is that our commander in chief doesn’t care. He has shown that callous attitude throughout his administration and doesn’t like to be hung up in foreign affairs and wants to lessen the footprint of America in the world and he is successfully doing that. With the void in leadership there is no one to lead the way against the outlandish behavior of the boorish thugs that have taken over the world stage. The world is a mess and it rests at the feet of the chosen one who does not want to get his hands dirty. He has already said that in his pre election tour of Europe. He has already said the we were bad people and tortured extremist Muslims that had a part in 911. He wanted to support the Arab spring and look what happened in Egypt and Libya. Spring sprung and now Egypt is basically under military control and Libya doesn’t have a clue as clan fights clan. Iraq, Iran, Syria, ISIS, Russia and the list goes on. Without the leadership of the US, Europe is wussy. Without US leadership Putin does what he wants because he knows Obama won’t do what he said because when the “Red Line” was crossed in Syria Obama did nothing. During the Crimea episode, Obama sent MRE’s and blankets to the Ukraine. He refused to step in Putin’s way and now look at what we have. Almost three hundred innocents dead in an airplane shot down with a missile from Russia and most likely the finger on the switch was Russian. What has Obama done besides increase sanctions?????? And you want to think he gives a damn about Christians? Guess again. Its all about Obama and his failed presidency. Its all about the people coming across the border for free at the expense of the taxpayer and the social programs for our citizens. Christians, not even on the radar. Hamas and other Muslim extremist groups are because we give them millions in aid that they spend on tunnels and rockets. They place their women and children next to rocket launches and forbid them to leave. Christians, not a chance. What we are witnessing in the middle east now is the new Crusade and the extremist Muslims are having a field day. Soccer anyone?

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