ADOT Reassures Public On I-11 Plans, Pima Secrecy Fails

This week Albert Vetere Lannon’s Pima County Emails Show I-11 $15 Million Dollar Fraud article was the focus of scrutiny by ADOT officials, and on Wednesday the Department issued a press release reassuring Arizona residents that their voices will be heard as the planning process for the freeway proceeds.

Lannon exposed Pima County’s leadership’s plans to circumvent the public in the process.

The Department’s carefully crafted statement notes that the public has shown a keen interest in the project’s route. Acording to ADOT: “Six public meetings held recently attracted 540 community members who shared comments and questions. Hundreds more offered their perspectives online.”

The Arizona Department of Transportation’s Interstate 11 study team visited Casa Grande, Buckeye, Nogales, Tucson, Marana and Wickenburg to involve the community in a process known as public scoping, part of an environmental study to select a corridor alternative between Nogales and Wickenburg.

Lannon revealed the extent to which “a clique of Pima County staff, mainly based in County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry’s office, working with private business organizations, political appointees, lobbyists, and cronies” attempted to manipulate the planning out of public view.

When they weren't scheming behind the scenes they were arranging to influence in public.
When they weren’t scheming behind the scenes they were arranging to influence in public.

Emails reveal the clique’s efforts to stack the deck at those meetings with cronies who would speak out in support of what is known as the Avra Valley route.

Despite their machinations, ADOT representatives did hear from the public. In addition to those who attended the June meetings, 125 people submitted comment forms or surveys and 522 people completed an online survey during a 45-day comment period.

“We’re excited about the high level of interest and engagement that we’ve seen,” ADOT Director John Halikowski said. “The great turnout and the opportunity for the public to tell us what’s important to them are critical to this process.”

ADOT spoke loud and clear in Wednesday’s press release that the public can still prevail. “No specific routes for I-11 have been chosen or favored at this early stage in the process. ADOT’s goal is having a selected corridor alternative in place at the end of the environmental study. A no-build alternative will be considered as well.”

It is still incumbent on members of the public who want the project to serve the public’s need to remain involved. The next formal public involvement opportunity will begin early next year, when the study team will present possible routes for I-11.

Anyone interested in sharing their views about the study can do so at any time throughout the study process. Information and materials, including a map of the corridor study area, are available at

The study team, which also held scoping meetings in Phoenix, Casa Grande and Tucson with representatives of 21 federal, state and local agencies, will now analyze the feedback.

Anyone interested in sharing their views about the study can do so at any time throughout the study process. Information and materials, including a map of the corridor study area, are available at

According to sources, Huckelberry appeared to be very unhappy on Wednesday.


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  1. Aren’t these emails enough to at least start an investigation into corruption in Pima County?

  2. Question: Why do we need a new Freeway from Mexico to Nevada when there is already a road that does it? Would the money be better spent on repairing the roads we currently have? Simple.

  3. Thank you to the ADI! I can only wonder how many government agencies and staff have looked at this news, and come to the conclusion that not all is well in the “state of Glocca Morra.” The sheer silence from other news outlets regarding these stories is probably a good indicator that the ADI is hot on the trail. Based on this article, it appears it’s not too late to contact ADOT.

  4. Will Marana municipal be offering commuter flights to towns in the southwest. No international and cut the Strangle hold of fees charged by Tucson International. If this realignment happenes

  5. The I-11 avra valley route proposed by King Chuck isn’t about moving goods to Nevada (By passing Tucson and Phoenix), it’s about lining the pockets of Huckleberry’s cronies. they will benefit two ways: 1 Selling land to ADOT and 2 making their property more valuable having close interstate access. Remember Will Cardon owns property in the Avra Valley route and Don Diamond owns over 3000 acres south of the Balloon Port.

    An added benefit is that this facilitates Chuck’s plan to minimize (shut down) growth in Pima County.

    Vote ABC (anybody but Christy), Ally Miller and Kim DeMarco.

  6. We can only take ADOT at their word..for now. I do not understand why az taxpayers would need a quick way from Mexico to Nevada. If it has positive implications for tucson and huckelberry and the gang can raise private money from
    business to promote their business, then great. Huckleberry has no credibility as his only goal is winning for his cronies as the taxpayer fund private business ventures.

  7. Let me sum it up for you.
    ADOT: We ARE going to build I-11, it is just a matter of which politically connected property owners we will be buying the land from.

    • I am with you. I will believe it when I see it. Most likely Cardon will be in the bucks and the Chuckster will make sure that the taxpayers will pay for the route south and then west for the Sonoran what-ever-the-hell they call it now will go right past Don’s land and assuredly there will be an interchange built there so Donnie doesn’t have to spend all of his money on infrastructure. Any bets anyone???

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