Alice In Wonderland Politics

In 1865, Lewis Carroll wrote Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. In the matter of “who stole the tarts,” Alice recognized the Judge because of his great wig with an unbecoming crown over it. She saw the jury box with twelve creatures who were busily writing their names on their slates for fear they would forget them once the lawyers began to talk. This fantasy, as it played out is not far off compared with the complaints of President Donald Trump’s Executive Order to prevent Radical Islamic Terrorists, who have an established factual record of high crimes, from entering our country.

The anti-law-and-order liberals allege that all immigrants who are refugees will be denied entry into our country by the Executive Order. Public protesters assume that it is ok for all immigrants who choose to enter our country can do so by illegally crossing our U.S. Border. These ill-informed advocates have no regard for our inalienable Constitutional right to select who comes to our country. This erroneous mind-set is disintregating our justice system in many ways.

The right to engage in violent protests that cause injury, destruction of property and interrupts vital public services, becomes acceptable liberal conduct in resisting the legally elected administration of President Trump. This mind-set is outrageous. Alice considered the similar proceeding she was witnessing as “stupid.”

Our laws require enforcement to secure a warrant to search property, but that does not prevent thieves from entering private property. The requirement for a warrant does not stop burglars who are usually caught as they leave clues behind to their identity, such as footprints and fingerprints. The law also requires a warrant to wire-tap your telephone, PC or server. This does not stop hackers from stealing classified information and leak this information to the media. Most hackers do not leave clues as do burglars. It becomes a mystery of who broke into the Internet server, copied classified information or confidential information and leak it to the media. This sounds like the discussion in the Wonderland courtroom where Alice was, where they could not identify who provided the evidence. It appears that our intelligence community just looked and found no warrants were filed, and assumed no one hacked the system. It seems that when President Trump found leaks on what had been discussed in his Trump Tower campaign headquarters, he considered that he was being wire-tapped or otherwise surveilled, and someone was needed to investigate this illegal practice.

It is amazing that nearly 200 years ago, Lewis Carroll had such political insight in his satire of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland that portrayed what would be current in the 21st Century. When Alice went into the rabbit hole, she soon encountered a world completely different from her own. Our country is clearly politically and ideologically divided. Perhaps the same is just going from middle rural America to the big cities on the West and East coasts to experience the magnitude of change that Alice experienced. The politically ideology of a borderless anti-business welfare state is often in sharp contrast of small town personal responsibility and a good work ethic. Further, the concept of a liberal shadow government does not ensure for a peaceful transfer of power from the sub-liberal give-away government to “drain the swamp” goals of a conservative administration.

The entrenched career civil servant leadership became inclined to engage in defeating the goals of a new Middle America conservative ideology that wants an upfront approach on making America Great Again. Alice, while in Wonderland, encountered unprecedented variables that she was only able to cope with because of the values she had been brought up with.

David V MacCollum

Such is the life of Donald Trump, our new President. In nearly 60 days of his presidency, in spite of the coordinated resistance of the previous administration, he has achieved remarkable progress in implementing his campaign promises. Even with anti-Trump double talk of the “March Hare,” and “Mad Hatters,” who are remarkably similar to the so-called members of the conservative Republican Party, who should be supporting their President’s agenda. The news media is false to their profession by publicizing fake news and not providing news of the major issues without bias. As a result, Middle America does not trust the media.

The vicious, wrongful resistance by the past administration is ruining our country with “Alice in Wonderland” politics. Our nation’s founders who had diverse priorities, fashioned a constitution where they could be resolved in a manner that made America great. Our Congressional members are paid to handle the affairs of our nation’s needs, should not engage in anti-Trump resistance and frivolous, “Alice in Wonderland” politics.

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