Tucson Police Officer’s #Takeaknee Video Goes Viral

Tucson Police officer Brandon Tatum [Photo from Facebook video]

On Sunday, Tucson Police Officer Brandon Tatum posted a video to Facebook that has gone viral, with over 11 million views. In the video, Now I have had enough, Officer Tatum spoke passionately about the NFL national anthem kneeling controversy.

Officer Tatum’s latest video is not the first of his that has gone viral. During the 2016 election cycle, a video on YouTube, in which he discussed then-candidate Donald Trump and his appearance in Tucson, earned over 800,000 views.

In an appearance on the Joe Pags Show, Tatum said he was not going to post a video, “but my good friend J.T. did one,” he said referring to popular Tucson radio show host James T. Harris, and he felt he should weigh-in. “I showed a lot of passion,” said Tatum, explaining why the video might have caught fire.

“This protesting is taking a knee on the flag,” began Tatum in the video. “For all of you who don’t understand; it’s not about the act of protesting. “It’s not about the act or believing in something and pursuing it. It’s the way you’re doing it. What does the American flag have to do with your perceived oppression? What does the national anthem have to do with these issues?”

“The national anthem has nothing to do with what you’re talking about. You’re talking about an anthem of hope and unity – within this country – that has made people become great. Made the poor become rich. Giving people opportunities. You are talking about a flag that represents hard work, dedication, blood, sweat, and tears. Sacrifice,” continued Tatum.

“You have these people, who are going around and taking a knee and want to attribute all the negativity to the flag, but they don’t want to attribute all the positive. Listen if you feel that the American flag represents negativity and slavery and all this other stuff, then you have to give credit and credence to a flag that has given you opportunities to go from cornfields and picking cotton to being the president of the United States.”

In his video, Tatum asks the NFL players if anything positive had come from their actions. “They haven’t accomplished anything,” he told Paggs. “If anything things have gotten worse. I have been challenged, threatened more now than ever before as a police officer. I haven’t seen them donate any money to police departments to make things better.

Tatum has experienced some backlash along with the praise for the video. “They call me coon, they call me Uncle Tom, but ninety-nine percent of the feedback has been positive. He said that he knew what his critics “believe in, so I could care less what they think.”

“They can’t move forward. No one is asking them to forget, but you have to move forward,” Tatum told Paggs. You can’t talk about slavery when no one alive was a slave or a slave owner. It is really a hate of this country, and a victim-hood mentality. They want to blame the white man but they don’t say that it was some white men that gave them the opportunity.”

Tatum said serious conversation can and must happen in our communities. “We have to start with not being politically correct and call things what they are. We have to start with an honest conversation. When we can stop being politically correct, and be willing to stand up for this country then we can talk to each other and solve our problems.”


  1. To mike, based on what you wrote, it appears that you are the racist moron here with calling people the “N” and Uncle T. So full of hate and angst, especially against those who actually use their brains and with original thinking, rather than following the lemmings who if they don’t follow the BS talking points, are apparently Uncle Ts.

    What an absolute nitwit you are.

  2. Officer Tatum, thank you for telling it like it is. This is like the story of the emperor’s new clothes, where it took someone with courage to buck the trend of people going along with the ruse, and point out that the emperor in fact was naked.
    If NFL team owners do not use their right to demand a standard of behavior with their employees, then they deserve to suffer the financial losses that are already starting to hit the NFL. Is there any other company that would sit back and allow its employees to stage personal protests while on company time and payroll? Most of us would be fired for doing something that threatened to bring the company we work for to financial ruin.
    If they want to protest, they are free to do and say whatever they want on their own time.

  3. I have given up watching NFL football or buying the products advertised. Who needs to watch a kids game played by a bunch of overpaid persons. Their police records are almost as bad as our elected officials.

  4. It’s just a song. It’s a flag. Those don’t make America what it is. America is not all great. If America is the flag than there may be times it needs to be protested. And because your a cop your wiser than an athlete? You are just a cop. You do some good things I’m sure but don’t be all high and mighty as you were. If I heard you right you basically called yourself a hero. Maybe you are but to acknowledge it is very suspicious.

  5. Please have someone interview him who is able to push back a little. He had a super easy ride in this interview.

  6. He’s black saying things that most people would probably see as a non black stance. This why it’s viral. He’s certainly not the first person to say these things at all. Many others have. Plus he’s confident in his opinion. People love that. It doesn’t make his opinions right by being self assured. Did he bring god into this video too. God was on his side in his last video. I couldn’t watch the whole rant. Anyone who feels they can talk for that long expecting that everyone should come around to seeing things his way because of his life experiences and ‘wisdom’ is self righteous and and I can’t be bothered. Even if I agreed I really would have to wonder about this person and does he really feel his long speech is full of infallible information? Not a shred of self doubt? The age of social media is making many of us feel we need our awesome opinions on stage. And it sometimes gets lapped up. And I guess I have just done the same. Sorry.

  7. On behalf of African-Americans and the African-American NFL Players, F… BRANDON TATUM! YOU ARE NOTHING BUT AN UNCLE T-m AND “HOUSE N—a”as Jay-Z would say. You remind me of Steven from Django unchained, sorry @$$ sell out and a wuss. You are nothing but a pawn for racists and those white people who think they can tell African-Americans what to do – F you and them.

    This African-American will NEVER stand for the anthem again so Tatum, Grand Wizard Donnie the Deranged Dotard, also a pathological liar, sexual assaulter, racist moron, narcissist and morally bankrupt con man, and his ignorant deplorable supporters can F Off.

    Have a nice day and much love and respect to Kaepernick and all other braver players who kneel.

  8. Hate breeds Hate, Violence Breeds Violence. We have an opportunity to lift ourselves above this constant clash with one another before it is too late. By cutting through all of this fog with love, real communication and understanding but so far all we have done and all we are doing is destroying ourselves from within through separation. I agree that this will never bring about positive change. Diversity, like tolerance is good. Too much of either causes the belief in a sense of power that is not real. The only outcome to this is further separation, further pain. We as a country have separated ourselves from one another to the point that our nation no longer has the unity that kept us great. Continue to focus on individual, personal agendas without sight of how it impacts all of us as a nation and we will, all of us, lose. It is already happening…… we are, as a nation, breaking apart. Positive change within our nation will never be brought about through negative actions against our nation. This time we have, however fleeting is not truly ours. It belongs to our children who are right now looking to us and learning who they need to be in their generation. What are we teaching them?

  9. I was traveling in Canada when the NFL teams joined the protest, including my Seahawks. The locals watching on TV thought it was bizarre and disrespectful. Then I came home to see the Tatum video emailed to me by my friends with their comments about not watching the NFL games anymore. I agree with Officer Tatum and will join by pals watching college football. Hopefully the college kids, their coaches and their universities will learn from the mistakes of the NFL as their football futures just took a major hit….

  10. The flag is just a symbol and most are made in China anyway. It’s the constitution that people should venerate not a song or a flag. Look at some of the past dictators who made saluting the flag mandatory like The Nazi’s and the Swastika or Kim Jong-un the North Korean leader who has people executed who dont show enough enthusiasm. Worshipping a flag is dangerous, extreme nationalism is dangerous. Be careful. We’ve got a goon in the White house who will do anything to divide us us with this crap so he can gain more power for the Trump crime family and his friends. Trump doesn’t give a shit about the USA. he only cares about his own power.

    • The “Bill of Rights” is what should be venerated, the Constitution is what tells ‘government’ what parameters they may work in. That is why they are all trying to change it and trash it. To which I say NYET!! NO THANKS ! ITS FINE THE WAY IT IS – work within the parameters. Good day.

    • Kind of a stretch don’t you think? No one wants to force people to do anything, they are simply pointing out the fact that kneeling during the national anthem is disrespectful. Your very words explain why we should love our country, respect our flag and stand for our national anthem.

    • This division in our country did not just suddenly happen since Trump took office. It was the constant systemic victim hood mentality preached by a condescending elitist who occupied the White House for 8 years. Democrats want to push everyone into little identity boxes, male, female, black, white,gay, strait, conservative or liberal,and pit them against one another. Did a pretty good job of it too. It will take some time to repair the damage done to the people, ALL of the people of this great nation.

  11. I have served and even if it didn’t l, These spoiled rotten overpaid babies including the owners need to get a grip they would be nothing without the support of the fans and again nothing without people, the veterans fighting for what is right. I will find other things to do this season.

  12. Both officer Tatum and James T are real patriots. I have already emailed the NFL and their commissioner about boycotting them and their advertisers. Enough is enough.

  13. WOW! May the Creator of the Universe protect and sustain TPD Officer Brandon Tatum, his family, and his fellow officers! Officer Tatum, you make me proud to be an American and I’m sure your words were recorded in Heaven!! Thank you for your words and for your service to our community.

  14. Mr. Tatum has done America a great service and shows the real avenue in America to solving critical, even life and death social problems by choosing to work as a policeman and REALLY putting ones life on the line to make America a better place for us all. The flag does indeed symbolize that which is best in America, as Officer Tatum so eloquently puts it, and those aspects of our national character which have enabled us to make so many social and political advances as a nation, so when it is denigrated by the NFL, that which unites us to continue going forward to solve common problems as Americans is being directly undermined. Make no mistake, the NFL, and the owners, are the real culprits here. The players “taking a knee” during the anthem are doing so with the complete approval of the NFL and its owners who pay the players`salaries when they appear on the field during the anthem and are providing them with the media exposure necessary to their “protests” on TV, etc., a huge expense. ( Without this media exposure, most of the fans at the stadium might not even be aware of the player`s actions and if aware, could overlook such individual behavior, but that is not the case when the acts are approved and knowingly broadcast to the world thanks entirely to the NFL.)
    My only disagreement with Officer Tatum is that these protests, the purpose of which seem to change all the time depending on who is asking the “protesters” what they are protesting, has not produced any good. I think the “protests” may have “woke” up many Americans to what these protests are really all about, an attempt to undermine our bedrock unity as Americans by attacking two of our main symbols of unity as a nation, our flag and national anthem. If the NFL is truly interested in whatever the protest issues are about, they could just as easily provide the protesters with a broadcast forum before or after the game without insulting our flag, our country, military veterans and the fans who make it all possible. Also, players may exercise their rights of freedom of speech and etc. on their own time to protest wrongs and communicate their concerns to their fellow Americans in a manner conducive to a serious dialogue.


  16. I am moving my boycott of watching NFL games forward to boycotting the advertisers. I will make my statement standing upright and saluting the flag and the honor of those that have served, to protect our freedoms.

  17. I would add one more perhaps catalyst to this ‘kneeing’ Currently there is only 7% of the nation that have served in the military. “They” are not part of it. It’s perhaps a reason to have more serve – being a part of something bigger than themselves.

  18. Another point of view, and isn’t it great that we all have the freedom to express ourselves? That’s the greatness of America:

    “You see my kind of loyalty was loyalty to one’s country, not to its institutions, or its office holders. The country is the real thing, the substantial thing, the eternal thing; it is the thing to watch over, and care for, and be loyal to; institutions are extraneous, they are its mere clothing, and clothing can wear out, become ragged, cease to be comfortable, cease to protect the body from winter, disease, and death. To be loyal to rags, to shout for rags, to worship rags, to die for rags–this is loyalty to unreason, it is pure animal; it belongs to monarchy, was invented by monarchy; let monarchy keep it.”
    – Mark Twain, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court

    • but that flag it is a symbol of the hope, need, desires of those who rally around it. It is a proof through the darkest part of the night that our cause and course remains a viable possibility. That’s what that song and symbol are about. It’s a symbol that in the darkest part of a battle, with thousands dying around you, that we have prevailed – when the dangers and stresses of you actions and causes have you perhaps doubting yourself that ‘we’ are still in this fight to win. That’s the problem with this ‘knee thing’ it sends the message ‘we’ being those on knee have quit – and we are sending this message to the many – including young children who look up to them to ‘join us and QUIT’ for the nation is not worth it. You can believe that if you want… I don’t. I don’t have to support them, I don’t have to agree with them, I don’t have to assist them in any manner. I don’t have to support those that provide them funding from advertisements – I can send them the message HELL NO! I won’t support you or your cause – it’s in error. Yup that flag is just a flag. Look on any military base at 1700 hours when the horn blows – the base stops, everyone gets out and comes to attention and salute facing the flag. Just a rag.. just a cloth, to be replaced when worn out… but the cause and symbol the flag represents remains. Sometimes after the nation is gone. Perhaps that is what is occurring here.

  19. The democrats continue to punt on first down. Their strategy is to play defense 20 feet off the ball. They are losing big time with this hate, divide, and deflect strategy!

  20. Unfortunately being that TPD is part of the government there is not much that the useless Chief Magnus can do about it but the NFL could have and should have cracked down on it immediately. It is not free speech at a game. They are employees of the NFL and SCOTUS has ruled time and again that businesses are not government and can limit your speech. No wonder Direct TV is giving people their money back for the NFL sports package. I don’t blame them one bit

  21. Concise, to the point, honor our flag and the people who have served and many have died to protect us, deserve our respect – period. “Bring a light​ to dark places​,​​ be ​a voice to the voiceless​,​ ​give strength to the powerless​,​ ​comfort the afflicted​,​​ ​​give credits due to the ​​forgotten, show respect to the ​forsaken, bring hope to the desperate, and be kind to the desolate.” become active in your beliefs

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