Tucson Save Our VA Action Team Will Conduct Stop VA Privatization Effort

Veterans Reach Out to VA Workers to Ask Their Help in Stopping VA Privatization

On Wednesday, Jan. 10, a group of veterans and citizens from the Veterans for Peace (VFP) Chapter 13 in Tucson, Indivisible and the S. AZ Alliance for Retired Americans will conduct an operation at the front gate of the VA hospital starting at 4 PM at 3601 S. 6th Ave, Tucson.

They will hold up banners and distribute flyers to VA workers as they leave work.

Bob Phillips, President of the VFP Chapter, a Marine Combat Engineer in Vietnam, who has been receiving care at this hospital for more than twenty years, said veterans are very concerned when they learn the VA is being privatized.  “I talk to vets who say that overall the care they receive from the VA is very good and the staff are very nice.”

Phillips said, “Vets for Peace is trying to pass out leaflets at VA hospitals across the nation in coming months to help workers understand the threat privatization is to quality veteran healthcare and to VA workers jobs and careers.  What we will be doing here in Tucson over the coming months is help workers fightback.”

Buzz Davis, a former Army officer trained in the infantry, said, “Veterans need the general and specialized care given by the VA.  Yes, the VA has serious problems but so do private hospitals and clinics.  But we seldom read in papers about the many problems in private healthcare, the long wait times and high costs and medical mistakes.

Veterans from the wars on terror are the most physically, emotionally and mentally damage veterans America has ever had.  The excellent immediate medical care vets get on the battle field today enables vets to live compared to Vietnam where many of them died on those battlefields.  This results in more grievous wounds and injuries.  The repeated tours of two, three or four years in combat results in many emotional and mental problems because of 24/7 combat conditions in today’s wars.”

Davis stated, “The billionaire folks and Wall Streeters who think all government should be privatized are the folks who want to make a fast buck from government.  They want the government to spend billions more on private companies for tasks done better and cheaper by government workers.”

“The VA is almost half privatized at this point.  We guesstimate that for 2017 about 40% of all completed out patient appointments were privatized.  The VA paid for over 103 million outpatient appointments.  About 40% of the appointments were done in the private for-profit and non-profit facilities and only 60% done at VA hospitals.”

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  1. I don’t know that a private? VA System would not be better than the current Gov’t owned and operated hospital and system. I’ve used the VA – there are bright spots in the system – I’d call the audiology department the best in the hospital – the eye clinic and services also very good; anything from those two goes down hill quickly. Yes there are bright spots, but I’ve personally had care that I considered dangerous – had I followed their course, I may not be here now. Why is it a government run hospital? That word ‘government run’ is the problem with the hospital as I see it.

  2. Help our Vets before we spend money on illegal immigrants wherever they come from. Border security is good economics. A good economy will generate the funds necessary to help our Vets.

    • The Oracle of Tucson | January 10, 2018 at 11:10 am |

      Surely you jest, criminal aliens predominantly vote for the lefts candidates and their agendas, therefore they need those programs in place to secure more votes with public funds.
      Nasty old vets who have defended the nation predominantly are conservative in nature and voting records unfortunately are not worthy of the same court ordered charity forcefully heaped onto the criminal aliens hiding in plain site.
      I utilize the SAVA and you get what you pay for, outside of Rx copays, I get my care for free. And since I don’t carry overly high expectations I suffer very little disappointments.
      Hurry up and wait is after all a time tested military tradition.

      The Oracle

  3. guess I don’t get where being in the military for three years gets you lifetime free medical care. They should make that part of the marketing program if that’s the deal, that’s a substantial per head cost – couple of hundred thousand per trooper – saving grumpy old men – what a gonga! and it makes work for federal employee’s to do.. double double..

  4. of course you do get a price controlled physician and nurse – who else do you want fixing your heart, brain, kidney, leg that’s falling off.. comrade you will get the best we have to offer…

  5. I’m an RN, and a former Army Nurse (spent one year in Viet Nam at a MASH hospital). Stayed in Healthcare as a career. I’ve been to a few VA Hospitals. My experience is that they are not all the same! I find the healthcare delivered at most VA’s is sub-standard. There are never enough RN’s or MD’s. Believe me, the shortages at the VA’s are dangerous. I’ve had two major surgeries at our local VA. One of those surgeries was not correctly done. I’ve had terrifying experiences in Emergency Rooms, and was once a victim of blatant malpractice. After that I divorced the VA for my Healthcare, and signed up for private insurance. If we are not going to fund the VA adequately, which shamefully has not been done for years, then the only decent choice is privatization. Also, I want all veterans to know that our care at the VA is not for free. We earned it and have already paid the price!!

  6. This is a good string of reasonable comments.

    The VA is a large system and has good, ave. and bad spots as all hospitals have. A high portion of the vets who use it are from partially to fully disabled from their military time.

    The VA has skills that many local hospitals do not. Overall it is rated as high as the best hospitals in the US and better than most (RAND report). The billionaire Koch brothers decided a few years ago to privatize the VA to make more billions – this time off the back of vets.

    Why is it that the media FOX etc. always report only on the bad at the VA. Think! Who are they helping? Why is it that like 70% plus of the VETS WHO USE VA CARE DO NOT WANT IT PRIVATIZED BUT FIX, FUNDED AND FULLY STAFFED.

    Learn more at Fighting for Veterans Healthcare at FVFHC.org Peace, Buzz Davis, Save Our VA Action Team Tucson, AZ

  7. Susan Pennington | January 12, 2018 at 10:02 am |

    I recently retired from the Indianapolis VA after 32+ years as a volunteer, and my deceased father was an out-patient there for 7 years. I witnessed the hospital’s “bad” and “good” during all those years, and I also experienced both the “bad” and the “good” at private hospitals all over the country, due to my late, non-veteran husband’s long illness. There are more volunteers at the VA hospitals, including all the service officers (I was one), and I believe that makes the difference in quality of care! As a volunteer, I was able to direct lost, confused and disgruntled patients to the proper people for assistance, and to also bring deserving veterans into the VA system, while helping them apply for monthly, service-connected injury compensation. I don’t believe that kind of help is (or ever would be) adequately provided in the private medical sector!

  8. William Simon | January 26, 2018 at 9:42 pm |

    Please read: “The Battle For Veterans’ Healthcare,” Dispatches from the Frontlines of Policy Making and Patient Care. A quick read, well-written, only 108 pages, by Susanne Gordon. It explains what is happening and why we will lose the Veterans Healthcare Administration very soon if we don’t unite and act this year. A for-profit, unintegrated healthcare system will cost not only taxpayers but also patients much more and it will be less effective. Act now or regret it later.
    Clearly, there are problems with the VHA, but privatization will be a massive gift to the for-profit providers and the quality of your care will go down and costs will go up – Big time. Please get informed.

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