Arizona House Sexual Harassment Report Out, Shooter Expected To Follow

On Tuesday, Arizona House Speaker J.D. Mesnard released the investigative report on sexual harassment allegations against Representatives Don Shooter and Michelle Ugenti-Rita. The report concluded that there is credible evidence that Representative Shooter violated the House of Representative’s policy against sexual harassment.

The report did not find credible evidence that Representative Ugenti-Rita violated House policy.

[Read the House Investigative Report]

Representative Shooter was permanently removed from all committee assignments.

“I am reviewing the report released by Speaker Mesnard today in connection with the investigation I requested. Although I have not finished reading it, I want to thank my colleagues for their patience and professionalism during this process,” said Shooter in a press release. “I also want to thank the investigators, Craig Morgan and Lindsay Hesketh from the law firm Sherman & Howard. With so much at stake for so many, their task was no doubt challenging. I appreciate the seriousness with which they approached their assignment.”

“This has been a humbling and eye-opening experience for me. I look forward to working to repair relationships and serving my constituents and our great State,” concluded Shooter.

Shooter may not have the chance to repair relationships as an effort to have him removed from office is underway by lawmakers on both sides of the aisle.

Mesnard has proposed augmenting the House rules, which carry the force of law, to require a formal anti-harassment policy by which all members must abide. He will also propose adding a House rule requiring a formal behavioral code of conduct for all Members.

A bipartisan panel of members will be created to develop the behavioral code of conduct for House members. Mesnard will develop a code of conduct that will apply to all House staff, and formalize a Human Resources Department for the House.

Mesnard will prohibit the consumption of alcohol on House premises. Shooter’s alcohol consumption has been a source of controversy, controversial behavior, and bad jokes for years.


  1. I suppose it is too much to expect a fellow of Representative Shooter`s character to resign given the conclusions reached in the report and his own acknowledgment of responsibility, the voters will have to throw him out and good riddance.

  2. My son worked in Yuma was a representative of a multi national corp in a managerial position. Working with the Yuma economic counsel the Arizona Assoc for Economic Development. Dealing with border issues he got involved. This was around 2011>2014 My son was asking if interested in a public office in Yuma looks good in camera interviews great master from UofA home town boy.

    When he told me this I was so proud ask him you going to to it? His wife Hispanic went to a fund raiser Shooter was shooting off this vulgarity sent my daughter in law home. I ask him again you thinking about it. Son’s response ” Dad you have always taught us to challenge bullies quickly and without remorse or they will continue” The way Shooter his size his arrogance his demeanor treats people I dont need to prove I can go through him like s–t through a goose. This is the Arizona Republican party a bunch of ranchers/farmers at he corporate level raining havoc looking for handouts. Then trying to sell protection from whom I wonder. These are also my family here since 1854 there is as much strife in family as parties these days.

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