Cook HURF Distribution Bill Passes In House

Rep. David Cook applauded his colleagues after they passed HB2514, legislation that he sponsored to direct $18 million from the Arizona Highway User Revenue Fund (HURF) to assist small municipalities with populations under 7,500 and counties under 215,000.

HURF is the major source of revenue for transportation projects and is funded by a combination of vehicle license fees, vehicle registration fees, other transportation fees, and the state gas tax. These funds are allocated to improve public infrastructure for cities, towns, and counties.

“Small cities, towns, and counties across the state are in critical need of funding for infrastructure to ensure they are able to adequately cover public safety needs, and this onetime influx of funding addresses this critical need directly,” said Representative Cook. “We can’t allow for these small municipalities and counties across the state, mostly in rural areas, to suffer from a lack of resources they require.”

“This money will be taken from a portion of the year-over-year growth, making sure all other recipients of HURF funding will still receive, at minimum, the same amount they received in the prior year, plus a portion of the remaining growth.”

“These municipalities and counties are especially in need of this money, not just because of their low populations, but because they are land-locked by federal lands, which in some counties is around 95% of their overall territory – affecting their tax base.”

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