Threats, Fire Disrupts Flagstaff School Day

On March 16, staff from Sinagua Middle School reported that a threatening note was found in a girl’s bathroom inside the school. The note threatened to burn the school down. The school was placed in lockdown and the Flagstaff Police Department responded to ensure the school was safe and investigate.

Investigators learned the identity of a suspect who attends the school admitted responsibility for writing the note.

While the investigation was being conducted and the person claiming responsibility was detained, a fire was started in a boy’s bathroom inside the school using toilet paper. Staff members located the fire quickly and extinguished it.

Investigators are continuously investigating to locate the party or parties responsible for starting this fire.

While the initial person was detained, a second note was found inside another girl’s bathroom threatening a school shooting during the 12:00 o’clock hour. This note is not believed to be written by the same person responsible for the first note. This incident is currently under investigation and all available leads are being investigated.

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