Gosar, Biggs Call For Criminal Investigation Of Clinton, Lynch, Comey, McCabe

Comey speaks at a ribbon cutting ceremony [Photo from FBI]

Arizona representatives Andy Biggs and Paul Gosar joined Rep. Ron DeSantis in sending a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, FBI Director Christopher Wray, and US Attorney John Huber, asking them to investigate former FBI Director James Comey, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, former Acting Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe, FBI Agent Peter Strzok and FBI Counsel Lisa Page for potential violation of federal statutes.

[Read criminal referral here]

“The political elite are not immune from the rule of law, and those in positions of high authority should be treated the same as any other American,” DeSantis said. “If former officials, including Hillary Clinton and James Comey, broke the law then they need to be held accountable. We ask that the Department of Justice move swiftly to ensure that violations of federal statutes by high officials are identified and prosecuted.”

“The investigations into the Hillary Clinton and the Presidential Campaign revealed egregious levels of misconduct and mishandling of sensitive information,” said Gosar. “The actions of these government officials outlined in our letter point to evidence of corruption and possible treason. It’s time these unelected bureaucrats stop hiding behind their titles and start being held to the same standards as every other American.”

Earlier this week, Biggs blasted Comey for “salacious claims about his interactions with President Donald Trump.”

“Mr. Comey potentially committed a serious crime by leaking government documents – some that may have been classified – to a friend to send to the press. He did so intentionally to manipulate an ongoing investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 elections. By committing this action and compounding it with his profit-seeking book tour, Mr. Comey publicly justified many of the internal reasons why President Trump fired him. Mr. Comey has jeopardized the reputation and hard work of the patriotic agents who worked for him at the FBI,” said Biggs.

“Mr. Comey may have mistrusted President Trump, but he was constitutionally obligated to serve the President that the American people elected. The FBI is not an independent branch of government, and President Trump was fully within his right to terminate his employment. Unfortunately, Mr. Comey’s mutiny and potential criminal activity has been applauded by the left and the mainstream media.” Biggs concluded, “Justice should be served, and it must start with James Comey’s actions.”


  1. “He did so intentionally to manipulate an ongoing investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 elections” attempting to bring about the downfall of the elected president and take over of the nations government. This is a coup d’e tat

  2. About time:
    IMHO: Any serious investigation into the hierarchy of the elites of the left won’t just reveal “if” they broke the law, but instead it’ll reveal that with great zest they broke the law almost daily with great frequency, regularity and with little or no concern or remorse over thier actions, instead considering themselves above the law they hid their actions within the cronyism of a partisan corrupt FBI and the DOJ.
    Anyone with a pulse and a working brain has to at least consider that “Hillary’s carelessness” in her private server allowed not just herself and her aids, but everyone in govt., including the chocolate jesus himself to operate will outside the scope of collected and stored data bases when illegally communicating via Hills “yoga server” with its private email accounts on private phones all on her private server to ensure “yoga” and “wedding plans” escaped those pesky and bothersome FOIA record keeping laws.
    The logistics alone involved to arrange the private out of sight, out of ear shot tarmac meeting in Phx just to talk about the grandkids is just another whopper lie of the left, and we all know, Bill never mentioning that if his Mrs. goes down so does the president himself, because after all her entire law abiding squeaky clean IT team pleaded the 5th rather then risk becoming another suicide victim, so instead the tech savvy Hillary herself cleaned the server “you mean with a cloth”, haha haha haha haha….
    And unlike the Russian Kola Superdeep Borehole which only measured 7.5 miles in depth. The level of corrupt lawlessness by the looney left is incalculable. Once the fake front of unity (or conspiracy) breaks, the whole picture will become visable for all to see.
    As the light of day (or truth in this case) begins to pierce the depths of criminology of the conspiracy perpetrated against the American people by the left, the Obama presidency along with the torch passing to Hillary will bring down the Democratic party as we currently know it.
    While Republicans are certainly no saints, these criminal clowns make mobster crime families look like alter boys.
    Fiction writer’s couldn’t make this stuff up, but the Dems did.

    The Oracle

  3. The level of corrupt lawlessness (to borrow a phrase)by the U.S. Government and its agencies under both Dimocrat and Republikook administrations is nothing new, and, yes, it needs to be exposed and, someday, stopped. I’m just finishing Peter Mathiesson’s book on the American Indian Movement and the Leonard Peltier trials. Guilty or innocent, the trials were a travesty with the BIA and FBI suborning perjury, perjuring themselves making up evidence, killing Indians, etc.

    COINTELPRO. Nixon and Watergate. Clinton and Lewinsky and NAFTA and pardoning Marc Rich. Bush and Iraq, to make his Dad happy and destabilize the entire mid-east so that generations of Americans continue to die. Hillary and Goldman-Sachs ad crony capitalism. Trump and Goldman-Sachs and crony capitalism. Stormy days ahead….

    • “You can call me Al” – Clinton’ chronicles – Balkan one year of involvement now at 20 years – How much Billy likes Cigars – White water – don’t fly on planes if your a “friend” of the Clinton’s – if your a friend of the Clinton’s you can kill yourself with a gun and walk for miles and not bleed a drop! Que Milagro!

  4. No surprise as to who would ask for this investigation.

    The extreme group with party enjoys attacking the advisory. Child like behavior as far as I am concerned.

    Let me suggest that these haters take classes on how to play well with others. This must include learning to listen, learn , accept,recommend and promote great ideas even if it comes the opposition.

    Richard and

    • look in a mirror please, the left /dems also push these ideas. They DO NOT care about anything but SELF. They claim to represent people like you who do no know any better but when push comes to shove they leave you and others like you in the dust. So when you talk about child like behavior look into the mirror to see who is doing it please.

  5. It is about time. After all the Russian nonsense let’s take a closer look at these criminals.

  6. Comey is a such a puzzle to many. How does one become so self absorbed that they do not know they are corrupt and lawless? My hope is that all of those who thought they could help “Hillary” win to cover up her (and Obama’s) illegal acts (on many levels) will be tried and the courts would do their job. I thank God that He is in control, and is exposing those who think they can outsmart the public. Please let it be soon!

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