Agents, Nogales Police Discover 11 Illegal Aliens In Trailer Park

Border Patrol agents and Nogales Police Department officers arrested 11 illegal aliens hiding in a mobile home park Monday morning in Nogales, Arizona.

Agents were dispatched to The Preston Trailer Park on North Congress after a caller reported suspicious activity and vehicles in the neighborhood. Agents observed two men, believed to be illegally present in the country, enter an abandoned mobile home.

Border Patrol enlisted the assistance of Nogales Police Department who arrived and performed a welfare check on the mobile home. Inside the dwelling, authorities encountered the two men seen outside, as well as nine additional individuals.

The nine adult males, one adult female and one unaccompanied teenage boy were all illegally present in the country.

All 11 individuals were found in good health, and were subsequently transported to the Nogales Station to be processed for immigration violations.

Smugglers continue to victimize illegal immigrants by exposing them to dangerous situations, including confinement for long periods of time in inhumane conditions.

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  1. If these illegal people spent the energy,perseverance and money that they use to get in the U.S. on their own country they just might make life better for their families.
    But it seems they would rather skip the steps and sacrifices we made to just jump the neighbors fence and reap what they didn’t sow.

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