Border Patrol Agents Arrest 3 Mexicans, Seize Rifle Cache

Ajo agents and personnel from Air and Marine Operations in Tucson and Yuma seized multiple weapons when they were arrested this past Saturday

Tucson Sector Border Patrol agents coordinating with Air and Marine Operations agents seized multiple weapons and arrested three Mexican nationals near Ajo Saturday afternoon.

Surveillance camera operators from the Ajo Station observed two suspected illegal aliens carrying firearms more than 17 miles north of the International Border near the Growler Mountains.

Air and Marine Operations helicopters from Yuma and Tucson Air Branches deployed with Border Patrol Search Trauma and Rescue (BORSTAR) agents to intercept the armed men.

Agents searched the area of the sighting using a canine and subsequently discovered multiple assault-style firearms and ammunition concealed under some brush, and an 18-year-old Mexican national man hiding nearby.

The man was transported to the Ajo Station for processing while agents continued a search of the area, locating and arresting two additional Mexican nationals, 43 and 24.

All three men face immigration violation charges and were be turned over to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives along with the seized assault weapons.


  1. Good thing it was Border Patrol Officers and not the National Guard unarmed soldier to intercept the Armed Mexicans!

    That is way I will never understand why the National Guards are not armed!

    Our Country has lost it minds!

    • Email this article to Pres. Trump and point out the dangers of having an unarmed National Guard on the border. What’s the plan when the first unarmed soldier gets killed?

  2. The NG should be armed, and able to protect themselves at all times. The Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 would not be in effect as they are not acting enforcing domestic laws only federal by order of the President and Congress.

  3. Just what did the illegals plan to do with the rifles? I can only imagine. The BS story by libs that they just want to make a better life for themselves is baloney. At whose expense would they have made a better life for themselves?

  4. According to the caption under the picture,
    “Ajo agents and personnel from Air and Marine Operations in Tucson and Yuma seized multiple weapons when they were arrested this past Saturday”.
    What, we’re now arresting weapons?
    As for the National Guard use, the guardsmen do need to be armed if for at least for self defense with small arms, but (sarcastically) only if its ok with Mexico?
    Even Brian Terry had a bean bag gun to defend himself with before he was violently murdered by criminal alien thugs armed with the Obama model AK47’S.

    The Oracle

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