Christy Has A Swamp To Sell: Sunday’s Comic

He used to sell used cars, now Steve Christy is selling Pima County residents a dry — very dry — swamp….

Canoa Hills Golf Course Donation Controversy Heats Up For Christy

Supervisor Steve Christy is scrambling to explain his support for the highly controversial donation of the failed Canoa Hills golf course to Pima County. The golf course will be “repurposed” and go “back to a natural vegetative state,” to provide “hiking paths, walking paths, and the ability to get out in an open environment,” according to Christy.

Christy aggressively addressed the deal, his rationale, and his resentment of Supervisor Ally Miller in an interview on KNST’s Garret Lewis radio show on Thursday. Miller was the lone “no” vote on Tuesday when the Board of Supervisors accepted the donation.

[Listen to the interview here]

Miller opposed the purchase due in part to the anticipated cost to taxpayers for needed repairs, future maintenance, and the fact that the property will no longer generate tax revenue. Miller also questioned why the County would assume a costly asset when County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry and Christy are pushing for higher taxes in order to afford desperately needed road repairs.

Christy’s tone with Lewis and convoluted explanations surprised listeners of the early morning show, who were left with even more questions about the deal.



  1. And you were expecting what from Christy? He is one of the cronies. He is not a protector of the taxpayer, he is simply another shill for the Huckster and his cronies. Once again, the voters failed to see through the curtain and see what the real Steve Christy was and is. Crony all the way. Stupid voters. And stupid parties that give us people like Christy and Bronson to vote for. But then cronyism has its price doesn’t it. Just ask Sharon Bronson.

  2. Yes but Tucson has charm! Mi Puebla Vieja. Pima County government keeping up with the old family traditions. Staying democrat and poor!

  3. Christy is a joke. Ran as a GOP but his dna is a crony capitalist. Just like a democrat. He doesn’t care who gets hurt along the trail. As late my as he lines his pocket with cash.

  4. When you get candidates like me and others who want to end this criminal enterprises, you folks rain on us.

    Who understands you complain bitterly yet re-elect same old boys.

    Quite understanding ignorance is bliss.

    Richard Hernandez

    • Richard you lost any chance of being elected by letting the people know your positions and almost all were 180 degree off from what the people wanted. So no, you did not have a chance even for county dog catcher and in reality never will. You anti everything postings told all who you are and will be.

  5. Richard, Richard, Richard how can you preach about electing the same over and over, It is Chucks Democratic baord that has brought the county to the point that it is at. Why would anyone vote for your progressive position. When were you a candidate for the Board of Supervisors?

    Don’t you think it might be a time for real Change?

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