Gosar Joins Bennett In Rejecting Cindy McCain, Salter Gets “Infantile”

On Saturday, Rep. Paul Gosar tweeted a message in opposition to the possible appointment of Sen. John McCain’s wife Cindy, to replace the terminally ill senator when his seat is vacated. In response, Mark Salter, a former McCain staff member and co-author of the senator’s memoir, launched into a bizarre twitter storm.

Gosar’s tweet referred to gubernatorial candidate Ken Bennett, who had issued a statement earlier in the week that if he were governor, he would promise not to appoint Cindy. Both McCains are not widely popular in Arizona. In fact, McCain is one of the least popular senators in the country, only surpassed by Sen. Jeff Flake.

Bennett announced his opposition to Cindy after Newsmax reported last week, that Governor Doug Ducey was considering appointing her to her husband’s seat when he finally vacates it. McCain has been unable to return to the Senate since before Christmas. His inability to fulfill his duties has taken a toll on his already poor polling numbers.

The McCain camp has been very defensive and secretive about the senator. As a result, many Arizonans had hoped the senator would resign before the end of May so that they would have an opportunity to vote on his replacement. McCain’s refusal to vacate the office in time to force a special election denied voters a choice.

The infantile name calling befits you and you did not disappoint. Next you will bemoan the “lack of civility.” Responsible adults plan for the future. #pissoff

— Rep. Paul Gosar, DDS (@RepGosar) June 2, 2018

Salter, who lives in Virginia, was described by the Wall Street Journal in 2008 as, McCain’s “speechwriter, adviser and confidant.” The two caustic men have worked together for two decades.

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It is unclear why the clearly emotional Salter does not believe the matter is the business of the duly elected Gosar. Salter’s attack on Gosar did not sit well with the congressman’s followers.

While Bennett jumped into the race late, he was able to earn a spot on the 2018 Republican Primary ballot.

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  1. If McCain endorses & supports anyone I won’t go near them such as…McSally & Lea Peterson. NO, NO, & HELL NO!

  2. Once again Governor Ducey is showing the public that he is at best a third rate politician and thus not fit to serve as Governor of the great State of Arizona. Unfortunately, many Arizona politicians have drunk the Kool Ade and think Ducey will be re-elected even though he is supporting the same failed policies of McCain and his Best Bud, Crazy Senator Jeff Flake, policies anathema to hard core GOP voters. Clearly, if Flake is sincere in his intention to challenge President Trump in 2020, Governor Ducey plans to support Flake. Alas, Ducey will not be Governor in 2020 (though he may appoint himself to the McCain seat when he realizes he cannot win re-election and be another Arizona Senator the GOP voters abhor.) Time for some grown up decision making on the part of the GOP establishment. Soon it will be clear even to them that the GOP cannot win with Ducey and thank goodness Bennett is in the primary as an alternative. Of course, if Bennett turns out to be just another little tyrant like Ducey (they both seem to have come from the same AZ establishment mold,) we can always vote for the Libertarian, stay home or concentrate on retaining control of the Arizona legislature and electing a Republican to replace Senator Flake.

  3. MY first thought was let’s not get into family or friends being the only one qualified for the position, I mean we already have the Grijalva machine, in different areas of politics, with this I do include friends and associates of politicians, sometimes the candidate is chosen and groomed by them. I remember on the news I heard McSally was being shown around the Capital by Eric Cantor if I recall before she was an official candidate. We need new blood to change things, and not to allow the old machine come in an try to destroy any competition but we have to stay on task to not allow career politicians. It should not be an automatic that once the candidate is voted in they are there for years.

  4. Why would someone’s spouse be an appropriate replacement for any job? Hey, my thoracic surgeon is not feeling well, so she can’t perform the surgery today, but it’s going to be ok, her husband, who is a financial planner, said he can take care of it……

    Given McCain’s age, health condition and the fact he has spent half a century in office, he should do what’s best for the people he represents and step down.


    • Rumor has it that McCain wants to exist and receive the same respect and treatment Sen Ted Kennedy received as he battled cancer for 15 months until he succumbed to the illness.

      New York Times May 5, 2018
      “The matter of succession for the McCain seat — a topic of such intense discussion that Republican officials here joke that Washington lawyers know Arizona election law better than any lawyer in the state — is officially verboten among party officials and the senator’s friends. They are determined to reward him with the same good ending that his friend Senator Edward M. Kennedy enjoyed before he succumbed to brain cancer in 2009.”

      That would mean Arizona will be without full Senate representation (except Twitter missives) until late 2018. Who knows who is controlling the TWIT.

  5. Salters’ quick and nasty juvenile defense of Cindy McCain as a possible replacement indicates they’ve made a deal for him to continue the same cozy relationship he’s had with the Senator.

    #I’m with Gosar

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