Pima County’s Attack On Border Security Appears To Continue

Photo Courtesy of U.S.Customs and Border Protection

Pima County leaders seem determined to weaken border security and attack anything and anyone associated with the Trump administration these days. At least that is what many residents are sensing after the majority of the Board of Supervisors voted last week to reject funds intended to thwart international human and drug smuggling.

Now, two memos from County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry have heightened that sense and raised questions about the County’s priorities. In the memo, dated September 10, Huckelberry implies that the County can shut down Border Patrol’s Arivaca checkpoint through the County’s regulatory requirements.

Activists have long sought the elimination of the checkpoint through which humans and drugs are smuggled on a regular basis.

KFYI’s talk radio host, James T. Harris first brought Huckelberry’s bizarre memo to the public’s attention on Tuesday. Harris stated that the rejection of Operation Stonegarden funds and the suggestion that the County can shut down the checkpoint are a “true case of Pima County suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome.” [Listen to Harris discuss the latest memo here]

Huckelberry writes of the checkpoint: “I have instructed our staff to annually review the permit (right-of-way permit) for its appropriateness and to determine if there have been any adverse impacts, liabilities, or claims made against the County due to the checkpoint permitted in County public right-of-way.

Huckelberry concludes that if the Border Patrol’s checkpoint is “not in compliance with the approved permit on file, Pima County will notify the permitee and require that the necessary actions are taken to mitigate or correct any deficiencies within a specified timeframe. If this corrective action cannot be achieved by the permitee within the specified time, Pima County reserves the right to revoke this permit.

Harris argued that Huckelberry’s memo is just one more move in a long series of moves to weaken border security while taking a swipe at the Trump administration and its “build the wall” effort.

In fact, another memo dated September 5, reveals the apparent witch hunt going on in the County. In that memo, Huckelberry asked the already beleaguered Pima County Sheriff Mark Napier on behalf of Board of Supervisors’ chair Richard Elias if “in fact, Border Patrol agents receiving training at the Corrections Officer Academy?”

According to sources, Border Patrol agents have never received training at the Academy.

Elias and his fellow Board members Sharon Bronson and Ramon Valadez are behind the political attacks on Border Patrol and the Trump administration. Supervisor Ally Miller has been a staunch defender of the Border Patrol agents, Napier, and his deputies. Supervisor Steve Christy offered passive support, joining Miller in voting to accept the Stonegarden funds.

In her August 7, newsletter to constituents, Miller wrote:

“In what can only be described as a blatant display of careless disregard for community, Pima County Democrat Board of Supervisors Bronson, Valadez and Elias refused, once again, to accept the Stonegarden Grant ($1.2 mil) and two HIDTA grants ($1 mil).

Sheriff Napier explained layoffs would occur within weeks if funds were not accepted. In response, Supervisor Elias shrugged his shoulders and the vote proceeded.

The supervisors have accepted more than $16 mil in Stonegarden and HIDTA grant funds over the past 10 years. These same grants were accepted throughout the entire Obama administration.

The County has accepted the funds for years including this year. In fact, in February the supervisors, in a 3-2 vote, had agreed to accept the money. Supervisor Ramon Valadez, who had voted in favor of the grant, demanded a reconsideration of the issue due to pressure from progressive special interests groups.

Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb, in an appearance on the James T. Harris radio show last week, said the attack on the Trump administration leaves “soft zone” for drug and human traffickers. [Listen to Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb]

After the Stonegarden vote, Napier blasted the supervisors and their vote that was cast “despite clear evidence of the public safety value of the program and letters of support from every law enforcement agency head in the county. This was a politically motivated vote that will adversely impact public safety in our county.”

Pima County Supervisor Ally Miller asks Sheriff Napier to respond to allegations of deputies sitting at checkpoints and targeting people.

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  1. I have no doubt the permit holder will do what’s necessary to comply with the requirements but the Huck is bowing to the activists pressure and has lost his mind. Get him out of there!

    • Huckleberry is not the problem. He is carrying out instructions of the Democrat majority on the Pima County Board of supervisors, Bronson, Elias and Valadez. It is these Democrat Supervisors who must be removed from the Board the next time they stand for election if we want a safer Pima County.

  2. As if it were humanely possible to take the county deeper into the abyss of insanity.
    The the Stooges never cease to amaze.

    The Oracle

  3. Doing exactly what the Pima County voters (mostly white guilt liberals) want – making Pima County Mexico Again!

    Come one, come all, rapists, drug runners, capos, child molesters – Pima County and Tucson are “Welcoming Communities”.

  4. back when Arizona was Mexico – my family was here – crossing back and forth from their home their to home here, Bisbee Arizona area – mom born in 1914 Arizona a brand new state, borders were a wire between two tree’s Dos Nogales Arizona.. this idea of coming to Tucson nothing new. That drugs have created crime in both nations – new exploitation occurring in my lifetime – it takes two to tango – quit using the drugs they won’t come and sell them here.. that simple right. If they want a drug war, fight one like a war. Control crime, sex offenders etc. don’t let our nation be a mecca for porn, sex trade, drugs and drug runners.. yes some personal action is required, we have met the enemy and quite often they is us. You want to place 100% of the blame on Mexico and Mexicans – live a myopic life – ok guess you are free to roam about in stupid bliss.. blame anyone but usa

    • Wow – you’re blaming Americans for the criminal deviants that illegally invade our country? Be sure to relay that to the parents and husbands whose children and wives have been raped, molested and killed.

      • WA – don’t take the drugs – they won’t sell them. It’s a 50/50 thing.. and these drugs are not new to the nation, this was part of NYNY crime long ago – the Mexican crime started in mass in the 60’s drugs sex rock’s roll.. it came and never stopped increasing in it’s availability, I was there.

        • Wow, wow, doubling down on sympathy and justfication for murderers, child molestors and rapsts and blaming on Americans. Good luck on your Mexican ctizenship. I won’t wish on your family how literally thousands of crminal aliens have inflicted on American

    • Mexico’s problem with drugs and cartels have nothing to do with the U.S. In the mid to late 80’s Columbia started sending it’s drugs up the Pacific coast and straight into the U.S.
      We quickly stopped that using certain military sensor assets. The Pacific route then became almost 100% aircraft and those aircraft flew into Mexico instead of the U.S. We attempted to work with Mexico to put an end to that route before it got established. Mexico turned a blind eye. Many believe they had already been bought.
      Moral of the story, Mexican corruption is what caused the Cartel’s move from Columbia to Mexico.
      That is important to Pima County because we may be seeing a new chapter in local government. When the system and mostly legal forms of corruption dry up or are maxed out there will be pressure for the politicos to go the illegal route. Is it possible that someone in the Elias camp is on the payroll of a cartel? It’s certainly possible.

    • They aren’t just coming here to sell drugs… and how are WE the enemy for ALL their illegal activities? Grow up. And before Arizona was a state it was a U.S. Territory…

  5. If there was some way for us to move out of Az I would jump at the chance. Born here in 1949 it has changed for the worse. I am glad my daughter moved out of state last week, and if we can find a way we’ll be following her too. I know corruption and drugs are every where but I just can’t stand the stupidly blind voters here in Pima county. Here’s hoping we leave before Pima cty implodes.

  6. Huckleberry, Bronson, et al…. enough said…. MPCACP2L – “Make Pima County a Crap Place to Live.” Stick THAT on a hat…

  7. Face it; until somebody does an expose`
    and shows for instance, that the 3
    Stooges campaign funds include money
    funneled by Mexican Drug cartels- creating
    a national spotlight; it’s unlikely
    candidates not connected to the
    Grijalva crime family have a shot of breaking
    through in those three low income, low
    education Districts [2, 3, 5].

  8. 3 Pima County Supervisors are anti-public safety and anti-law enforcement. They are pro-transnational crime. Rejected free Federal money to stop crime that we have been getting for over 10 years. Why, because 3 board members don’t like our rightfully elected President. Sick.

  9. Billy B. Is a complete imbecile. There is no way in Gods green earth that it is ok for people to flower at will across borders. And it is not all Mexicans comining across the border, that is a given but go into Mexico illegally your ass goes to jail.Americans have a right to be free from the crime coming across no matter who is doing it and we have children being trafficked both ways it is effecting the whole country NOT JUST ARIZONA.Which happens to be one of the largest sections of soft border between the 2 countrys. Americans voted for a damn wall, because we are sick of the elites corruption. The human trafficking perverts, and the drugs.and people who don’t like it can get the hell out we have a right to be as safe as possible in our own country.

    • BillyB is a bona fide Mexican Citizen wannabe, proudly proclaiming he is applying for citizenship. And his doing so fully supports the corrupt government run by the drug cartels and the horrible culture that accepts sexual molestation of young girls, by family members. After all, the legal age is 12.

      • WA, you love to spew, you love to ‘lay blame’ you love to point your smelly finger.. some implication of my seeking a citizenship in Mexico as a support of drug cartels and sexual molestation of young girls (your usual rant that seems to have some deep seeded place in your mind, have something to hide sir?) displays your baboon mind set. Go eat a banana…

        For the record, I’m a US citizen – of mixed decent – from both sides of the border – grew in a Mexican family (without molestation, imagine that WA) I’m a combat veteran – employ many and we have had a number of ‘legal immigrants’ become American Citizens while in our employment. Mom became an American Citizen when I was ‘6’ years old. These are the things WA loves to hate. Must be a sad life.

    • Smith, seems you can read, or perhaps comprehension is your issue. Want a drug war, start one, send the drones, send the special intelligence forces and kill them where ever they are and lurk – long before they have a chance to approach a wall. The same thing has been happening for 40 plus years – doing this interdiction methodology of stopping the flow from Mexico does not work, has not worked, will not stop the flow. Stop the use here, shoot those bringing hard drugs to this nation – stops them dead. The nation here is full of our own sex offenders – hundreds of which are being released all the time – known to recidivism by statistical numbering, Dumb and Dumber – your thought process of it’s the Mexicans.. its a number of them, I believe they see and easy life and lenient law that lures them here.

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