#RedForEd Leader Harris Called Out By AZ Lawmaker Townsend

One of the leaders of the #RedForEd movement, Derek Harris, has been called out by Arizona State Representative Kelly Townsend for his recent attack on his fellow teachers. In his video, Harris complains to his fellow teachers about “how uninvolved you all are.”

In his profanity laced rant, Harris blasts his fellow teachers for “not getting of your God damn ass.”

In her post, Townsend tells Harris what so many of Harris’ supporters have told her and other lawmakers. “The reason you only have 8 viewers and no help in your effort anymore isn’t because teachers are lazy as you suggest, but rather they are shunning you, no doubt, because you are pushing a socialist takeover.”

As Townsend notes, during last year’s organized walkout by the national #RedForEd campaign launched in traditionally red states, tens of thousands of Arizona teachers joined the movement. When it became obvious that the movement was not about securing increased pay for teachers, but getting progressives elected, the movement in Arizona lost considerable support.

The movement wasn’t the only loser, parents, who feared continued political action in classrooms have increasingly opted to transfer their children to charter schools. So while Governor Doug Ducey and the Legislature granted a large increase in school funding during last year’s Legislative Session, districts are losing money as students leave the system.