#RedForEd Leader Harris Called Out By AZ Lawmaker Townsend

One of the leaders of the #RedForEd movement, Derek Harris, has been called out by Arizona State Representative Kelly Townsend for his recent attack on his fellow teachers. In his video, Harris complains to his fellow teachers about “how uninvolved you all are.”

In his profanity laced rant, Harris blasts his fellow teachers for “not getting of your God damn ass.”

In her post, Townsend tells Harris what so many of Harris’ supporters have told her and other lawmakers. “The reason you only have 8 viewers and no help in your effort anymore isn’t because teachers are lazy as you suggest, but rather they are shunning you, no doubt, because you are pushing a socialist takeover.”

As Townsend notes, during last year’s organized walkout by the national #RedForEd campaign launched in traditionally red states, tens of thousands of Arizona teachers joined the movement. When it became obvious that the movement was not about securing increased pay for teachers, but getting progressives elected, the movement in Arizona lost considerable support.

The movement wasn’t the only loser, parents, who feared continued political action in classrooms have increasingly opted to transfer their children to charter schools. So while Governor Doug Ducey and the Legislature granted a large increase in school funding during last year’s Legislative Session, districts are losing money as students leave the system.


  1. I saw this article about Derek and without even listening to a minute or two, knew i didn’t want to continue because he has been aggressively combative with me because we view things differently. Derek you need to learn the art of live and let live and agree to disagree. It is not okay to try to guilt folks or bully them into your desired way of thinking or behavior. My thought when you were in my face at a board meeting, was ” How do they allow this man to be a teacher of students with his in your face aggressive attitude.”

  2. Typical Leftist choice of vocabulary. “Teacher” my foot… The guy couldn’t do anything else or was too unmotivated so went for “teaching” and now he’s unhappy. Probably was to start with. Too bad AZ kids have to be associated with those types.

  3. No Mike, you didn’t run Into a guy like me, because I’ve never spit on anyone, at least not deliberately. Spitting on someone is assault and you are entitled to defend yourself, in my opinion. But to threaten me with a fist in the mouth just for exercising my Constitutional right to free speech, well, that makes you part of the problem, and not part of the solution.

  4. Brandy Kiker, please learn some words. It’s *CapitOl* not Capital. The Capital is the capital city, the City of Phoenix, the Capitol is the Arizona State Capitol Building/Complex. (I’d also like to point out that our Capitol has very few steps in its front…)

  5. Yeah, I quit high school because of indoctrination, that a2+b2=c2 junk. 2x-3x=y…really? Algebra, which I’ve never used in 50 years of work in the real world, was clearly some left-wing pinko libtard commie plot to confuse us, maybe make our young brains ready for demoncrat propaganda. But then there was Chemistry, H20 and E=MC2 and the Periodic Table, and mixing things to make stinko rotten eggs odors. I flunked that five times. Maybe that was the republikook indoctrination lesson, right-wing fascist dictator propaganda — if you mix this with that then look what happens. Kind of like Kelly Townsend: Take unions, add voters, and voila! Socialism! I’m with you Mary, et.al. — no indoctrination!!

    Well, except maybe for the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights. Some workers’ rights, like in Arizona where they have the right to work for less. The history of women gaining their rights, and the AZ legislature last year refusing to vote on ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment, with just one more state needed. Some history on the slaughter of the indigenous people who were here thousands of years before us. The history of slavery and its successor, segregation — in my lifetime. No special indoctrination is needed to create activists — just the facts!

    • Albert, Since you did not condemn the in your face protesting of Judge Kavanaugh, you must condone it.
      Is that the America you are talking about, guilty until proven innocent? Rules for thee but not for me?

      • Free speech is free speech, unless it turns into hate speech, with potential violence. It can be loud, uncomfortable and profane. I recall once taking my kids to a children’s outdoor art show at San Francisco’s Civic Center. On the steps of City Hall — where I was arrested in 1960 for protesting too loudly when cops attacked and beat a photographer — the American Nazi Party was celebrating some fascist’s birthday. They had the right to make their speech. I had the right, which I exercised, to stand in front of the speaker and holler “F–k you!” over and over, until the cops ran me off.

        I do believe in “innocent until proven guilty.” The issue with Kavenaugh for me was that his drinking behavior was attested to by roommates, his yearbook, his then-best friend, even the President. It’s the lying that makes him unqualified…and that bogus FBI “investigation” should have been a serious one to determine probable cause for the women’s charges. If Kavenaugh was a blackout drinker, as seems likely, I believe him when he said, “I have no memory of that.” That’s what blackout drinking does. It does not mean it didn’t happen.

        • I ran into a guy like you while in SF back in 71. He spit on me, and I ran him down in combat boots, and then broke his jaw with my fist. Before you say it didn’t happen I still have the arrest.court paperwork, and the field grade art. 15 for it. Your freedom of speech can end with a fist to the mouth. Ever think they were there so you would sound as bad as them. Why that makes you equal or worse than the ones you protested.

  6. Albert Lannon, commenter What Again never said he was against the existence of public schools, as you insinuate. Rather, the commenter is against public schools being used to indoctrinate our children. Period. Into anything. But ESPECIALLY into Commnism/Socialism. I am against indoctrination in public schools too.

  7. What the hell…raise our taxes again… it’s only money. Claim it’s for Ed(ucation) and then piss it away (again)… there’s always more where it came from. WISE UP!

    • Yes, I see they are back at the trough again (School district budget override signs are everywhere). I will NEVER vote for a school district budget override EVER.
      Override bonds are funded through increased residential property taxes. The bad news: rarely, if ever, do any of these funds get anywhere near a classroom or to hiring or retaining teachers or giving raises, or paying for supplies or after-school programs. Generally, Maintenance and Operation Budgets are for building new additions, pools, paving, re-sodding, landscaping, etc. (along with the fees from designers, architects, etc.).

      Just about every year, voters are bamboozled into believing that approving the budget overrides for Phoenix and Glendale school system was going to address this issue and provide just that. Touted every single time as “it’s for the kiddies…”, “no new taxes…”, etc., and preying on peoples’ emotions, and gullibility has netted the people nothing but a billion dollar construction contract for somebody’s buddy and soon-to-be sticker shock on their property taxes. Seldom, it seems, do voters actually read these propositions and/or understand how it impacts them, choosing to ignore the fact that the “no new taxes” chant is a bald-faced lie when the fine print announces that the funding will come from a 15% increase in your residential property taxes for the next ten years or so.
      And let’s not forget that this bond override doesn’t mean the school district is losing any money. They are simply stuck with what the public voted for in the last override.

      The home-owning citizens should know and be made aware of this blatant deception. These overrides are based on residential (homeowners’) property taxes. When one targeted segment of the population (the property owner) is the sole funding source of a top-heavy, over-bloated and outdated system which they may or may not even use, the current way of school funding has become inequitable and untenable.

      I, personally, would be more willing to support a 1% sales tax increase. Then, at least, the burden for responsibility for school districts would be more evenly spread among the population that uses them and not just on property owners alone.

  8. Years ago when I taught at a charter school, I was happily assigned the task of developing and teaching the curriculum for a course on the Vietnam War. To better understand the threat of Communism, my students read The Children’s Story by James Clavell which had been read to me in 1965 by my 7th Grade Navajo (Dineh) teacher Miss Smith. My students weren’t even to page 5 when they began making bad comments under their breath for “the New Teacher” in that story. They immediately recognized that she was conning those students with her subtle Communist doctrine. That story should be required reading for all students and especially for all AZ teachers who were conned by Karvelis, Harris, and all the other damn Communists trying to take over this state and this country.

  9. the actions of middle east nations in education – books – teaching plans – funding for a variety of programs to bring them into control. Toss them and their dollars OUT OF EDUCATION processes in this nation. Anti-Semitic text becoming a norm in text books – comes with consequence. Qatar is an exporter of this type of funding – exile them from this process – teach their children what they want, keep ours out of it.

  10. Townsend thinks unions equal socialism. What Again thinks public schools equal communism. Urging people to vote equals “progressivism.” What planet do these people live on? Oh — one where the privileged 1% reap the benefits of exploiting the rest of us. Without unions there would be no middle class in America, and the rollback of labor since Reagan broke PATCO has resulted in the shrinking of that middle class, wage stagnation, and growing income inequality. Without public schools we would still have child labor and education for the rich only. But perhaps that is the planet Townsend and WA want — one where people like them rule over “the masses.” Well, at the risk of offending the reporter, WTF? That ain’t America!

    Saying that, I know that the anonymous commenter What Again will use the opportunity to call me nasty names without regard to any facts. But because this IS America we both have the right of free speech. It would help if there were some actual facts included — but that might be asking too much of him. Without unions to give voice to workers, and without public schools to teach our children about free speech and the rest of the Constitution, American democracy would be replaced by exactly what Townsend and her supporters rail against — Soviet-style control of the many by the self-appointed few. To H–l with that! (Sorry Loretta.) I watched the video: Urging people to help voter turnout does not equal “pushing a socialist takeover.” Except, maybe, in the minds of Townsend and her followers. To quote our president, “Sad!”

    • Typical cry of a low energy leftist. I need help, I’m being exploited, the rich get everything, we are the 99%.”

      No you’re not. Find a skill, take a risk and improve your lot in life. Drop the petty envy and jealousy and do something by yourself, for yourself, and then pick somebody else to help.

      Those you can’t push to vote, you want to crawl under the fence. CA has just been found to have registered illegals to vote at DMV.

      Fraud will be expanded this year, and we know by whom.

    • Is Al a mind reader or, as is his usual habit, is he putting words into the mouth of those who disagree with him. in this case Kelly Townsend? That`s easy, he is putting words into the mouth of Townsend. Townsend points out that she stands with Arizona teachers, all of whom belong to a union, just not Harris` idea of a union. Yes Al, some unions do equal socialism, and that is the kind of “union” Harris and Red4ed want to impose on Arizona and its teachers.
      As for “What Again,” he may be right because socialism is theoretically just a stopping off place on the road to communism which I`m sure you know. Unionization is legal in Arizona and no Republican is advocating that it be outlawed, only that it follow the law and treat its members fairly. If a worker does not want to be a union member, they should not be forced to in order for the union to collect dues from them. (BTW, if unions are so helpful to workers, why did the teachers need Red4ed to force the legislature to give them a raise?) Now, what nasty names did “What Again” call you in his comment?

    • perhaps anonymous comments are a direct result of lefts actions of harassment, diminished free speech… remembering the lefts actions of closing a UA area restaurant with threats to the staff – the day is coming – which side will you be on Lannon

  11. “districts are losing money as students leave the system.”
    Never fear the progressives are here. Your schools will be filled by children of illegals so will always have a job.

  12. “What do we want?” “The end of Progressivism.” “When do we want it?” “Now” Try that chant for awhile, you will get faster results.

  13. “Socialist takeover”? Get with the times, that happened years ago. This is full blown communism.

    Why anyone with a choice would send their children to the anti-American, socialist indoctrination centers known as our public school system is beyond any reason.

    • I second that! Frankly, I hope the public school system fails totally and people are forced to find alternative education avenues for their children; they surely deserve better than what we have. The present one sucks! to put it mildly. It is NOT education; but brain-washing, robotizing our youth to bend to the agendas of their masters at the expense of property owners. WELL, BUDDY, NOT IN MY HOUSEHOLD! I will NEVER EVER vote for another “override” or increase in my own property taxes to throw cash at ne’er-do-wells hell-bent on destroying my country via the youth of America! Hope a few will follow suit. I AM for vouchers for private – yes, even religious, educational institutions that don’t need to suck up to the politicians or commie school boards. I wish I had known that the past Superintendent of Schools had intended to push for the Hillsdale College model for k-12. Too bad the news came too late to insist that this be so. Hillsdale IS truly a light in a dark world. Check them out.

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