Pima County Prop 463 Losing In Early Results [UPDATED Nov. 11 12:01 A.M.]

Chuck Huckelberry [Pima County Facebook photo]

Pima County voters rejected Prop 463 on Tuesday by a wide margin. Prop 463 was the latest scheme proposed by County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry to raise money in the name of road repairs.

Huckelberry’s scheme was supported by supervisors Steve Christy, Richard Elias, Sharon Bronson, and Ramon Valadez. Only Supervisor Ally Miller stood in opposition to what many believed was a Ponzi Scheme.

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  1. “You can fool some of the people all of the time, all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.”

    • Sharon Bronson and her cronies fooled you didn’t they Albert. She told you what you wanted to hear and now you are left with an empty bag when it comes to I-11 aren’t you?

      By the way, how you holding up. Still hanging in there?

  2. Like a bad rerun of an endless 8 track tape from the Mary Tyler Moore Show, “Chuckles the clown” once again bites the dust in yet another rebuking from voters who have been lied to and mislead one time too many.
    Perhaps at the next BOS meeting, Chucky can replay his once famous “A little song, a little dance, a little seltzer down your pants” routine as he hands the board a solid defeat and rejection of his beloved prop 463.
    @Chuck, do the honorable thing and commit suicide.

    The Oracle

  3. Its really a shame that the people that vote against the bonds don’t do the same for the 4 idiots that are sitting on the BOS that continually bless all of the Huckster’s ideas. Thanks Albert for allowing Sharon Bronson to lie to you and your fellow activists about what she would do. She was the one person that could have been defeated and the Huckster would have been fired. Shame on you.

  4. and the newscasters of the 11 Channel – “oh this was a last desperate effort to fix the roads that need it most by the BOS… now they have no place to go” are they brain dead – deaf – stupid – so out of touch with what they are reporting vs reality that this is what they have to say… suppose so.

    • What do you expect? In the traffic report a couple days ago Angela kept calling west, south! This morning she was calling the recount in Florida a recall! The general manager should “Think about it”!

  5. This is what happens when you use road construction money to support your crony pals. I can say that the latest example of buying a bowling alley full of asbestos for more than it was worth may have added to voters disgust?! Clean up the board and vote new blood in next time Pima County, I for one am tired of one level head left in that group that has been there for over twenty years and elect Huckleberry every time to give the taxpayers the shaft every year!

  6. This just firther proves we are tired of the lies. It reads just like Huckleberry was on the ballot, and lost. But we must hold the Supes responsible.

  7. Chuckles must be getting senile. He lost since the people have finally had enough, and the roads improvements from the last bonds were not worth the money borrowed from our grandchildren.

  8. We need to re-divide this county up into a more fair system. We probably could use about FOUR more supervisors just to make it even for the rest of us. I’ll be looking for that PROP on the next ballot.

  9. Considering the facts surrounding Prop 463;
    people should be concerned that more than
    100 thousand voters couldn’t discern the
    issue at hand.

    Remember that voters were successfully
    scammed with the stunningly expensive
    22 million dollar puppy pound.

    [a review of the budget breakdown
    included 9 million for “consulting
    services”- A.K.A. Chuckie’s slush

  10. Oh Great One… we await with baited breath thy next BOND issue…. my “no” vote is already in the mail.

  11. Why can’t we do a Prop that would stop them from spending our money empty lots and art work and parks until 95% of the roads are fixed?

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