Arizona’s Politicos React To President Trump’s Oval Office Border Crisis Message

On Tuesday, some of Arizona’s politicos reacted to President Trump’s Oval Office border crisis message:

Editor’s Note: Rep. David Schwiekert, and Senators Krysten Sinema and Marth McSally did not address the issue on social media as of 8:00 a.m. Wednesday, January 9.


  1. So typical of the partisan democrats in this country. I used to just disagree with them, but lately I’m forced to consider them enemies of our country due to their insane positions and rhetoric. Anyone who believes they have a plan for border security is a fool.

    • What, no comment from our illustrious Governor? On all the important controversial issues Gov Ducey is eerily silent. Like our Governor the Dem like the way things exactly as they are on the border.

  2. There’s a good reason why the border districts representatives are against the wall. They are all majority Hispanic and vote for their race’s interest, not the country. Gallegos is the official HoR member representing Mexico. He’s proven time and again to be anti- U.S. He doesn’t care that illegal aliens move beyond his district – he encourages it. So let’s compromise. Build the wall, but let those border districts decide which side of it they want to be on. Any bets on THAT vote?

  3. the drugs coming by the ten’s of thousands of tons bring death, woe, hardship, sadness, dissolution of family and society, huge impact on youth and society – and knowing this the democrats say the wall won’t work.. but what we have now is “NOT WORKING AT ALL” look around the streets – that’s the result of the current system. The ‘drug war’ has been a joke – time to take the war seriously and stop the influx. BTW – my family is from Mexico, I’m the first born, all arrived legally and assimilated to the United States of America as citizens – Legally.

    • My opinion is the border cities are getting drug money kick back. There would have to be corrupt city officials that run those city’s to not even give it a try to slow it down stop it or hamper it in any way they could and they must be getting kickback money for not trying the wall to help. Someone needs to follow all the border city’s money and see who gets the kickbacks if any. Every last city official needs to be check up on, something is not right when not given the wall a shot at working to stop this.

  4. My opinion is the people against the border wall have and interest in the drug, running and take part in the drug market, of that would at less give it a try and see that it does work in slowing it down. They have to be involved with the drug, runners or they would do anything they can to stop, slow down, hamper them in any way they can. Notice it is the ones closes to that border too, where they can get the kick’s from letting them out on the rest of us, where they are doing the most of their business, It is like border city’s made a money busness deal with them to let them get and though their city’s. I have no proof but sure looks like that is what is going on or they would want to do anything they could to slow it down.

  5. Thank you morons, for voting for Grijalva (again…), Gall-lego, Kirkpatrick… Aholes one and all. That includes the other dimmoes and rinos that don’t represent anyone but themselves. Yup, sure is great to be a politician these days… insider trading, free travel home as often as you want, “fact-finding missions” (aka Holiday shopping trips for the wives), a pension for life after 5 years, special healthcare, etc etc etc. What’s not to like? A wall…hahaha…why do you lil germs need a wall? (Sarcasm here for the un-enlightened…) Yup… we should ALL sign up.

    • I was wondering why Kirkpatrick was in AZ getting sworn in when she should have been in DC working.

  6. How about all the AMERICAN CITIZENS that have lost their jobs or have had to live on lower wages because of the alien invasion? I hope PDJT shuts down the entire EPA & Dept of ED. Government workers have the best jobs & retirement in the country. Fund the military, BP, ICE – did I miss any? Let the rest, including the CIA & FBI – both have been politicized – crumble & rot. If you need fire ’em all and start over. Take names of any BP agents that need help during the showdown and let’s take care of ’em.

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