Mr. President, Keep Up The Border Fight

Mr. President, keep up the fight for border security — the American people fully support you as the champion who will protect our communities from the ravages of illegal immigration.

Throughout your presidency, your policies have done wonders for our country, dealing huge blows to massive drug and human trafficking operations that previously thrived under our broken immigration system. You clearly understand just how serious this crisis really is.

The vast majority of heroin, cocaine, and meth that is found in the U.S. is smuggled into the country through the southern border. This flow of narcotics devastates our communities and makes it harder to solve the ongoing opioid epidemic, while also introducing criminal elements onto our streets.

According to the Border Patrol, U.S. authorities apprehended 361,993 illegal immigrants and arrested 6,259 criminal aliens between October 2017 and August 2018.

During the same time period, the Border Patrol’s Office of Field Operations also seized approximately 67,000 pounds of methamphetamine, 5,000 pounds of heroin, and 48,000 pounds of cocaine.

Our brave Border Patrol agents conducted multiple high-profile busts, confiscating$1 million worth of heroin and cocaine in Arizona in August, and $7 million worth of narcotics at the U.S.-Mexico border in Texas just last month.

Likewise, your administration successfully prevented the large migrant caravan from crossing our border by reinforcing our immigration agencies and persuading the Mexican government to adopt measures that deterred many of the would-be invaders.

Additionally, you finally tackled one of the most glaring loopholes in our immigration system by adopting a new asylum policy that ends the disastrous “catch-and-release” approach that let hundreds of thousands of immigrants remain in our country illegally for months or years while awaiting an asylum hearing.

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Mr. President, Keep Up The Border Fight

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Sadly, as you well know, even the most aggressive approach to immigration enforcement isn’t good enough on its own, given the tens of thousands of illegal immigrants who pour across our porous border in between checkpoints. Americans simply can’t have true border security without a border wall.

Fortunately, as you’ve pointed out many times, achieving border security won’t even impose a burden on taxpayers, since the wall will pay for itself by improving our enforcement efforts. Illegal immigration currently costs the taxpayers an astronomical $116 billion a year through government assistance programs — a clear sign that our welfare system is overwhelmed by illegal aliens who take advantage of our system.

With real limits on illegal immigration and the new trade deal with Mexico and Canada that you negotiated — which will return jobs and the economic benefits that come with them to the U.S. — paying for the wall is the easiest part of the problem to solve.

The Democrats say they stand for “border security” — but they adamantly oppose every effective strategy for accomplishing that goal while advocating for amnesty, “sanctuary cities,” and open borders. If they truly cared about solving the illegal immigration crisis, they would at least be willing to discuss proposals, like the wall, that enjoy widespread support among those tasked with enforcing our immigration laws.

Mr. President, keep up this fight for true border security, including a border wall. The American people know you are right, and they’ll stand with you for as long as it takes until Democrats give up their senseless obstructionism.

Jan Brewer is the former governor of Arizona and a member of the Donald J. Trump for President Inc. Advisory Board.

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Jan Brewer is an American politician and author who served as the 22nd Governor of Arizona, from 2009 to 2015. A member of the Republican Party, Brewer is the fourth woman, and was the third consecutive woman, to serve as Governor of Arizona.