Arizona Border Area Ranchers Issue Invite To Pelosi, “We’ll Send A Plane”

“Anyone who tells you the border is secure is full of crap.”

Arizona ranchers, living along the U.S. Mexico border, have issued an invitation to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to visit their ranches. The invite was made five years ago and is making the rounds again in response to the government shut down.

BREAKING: Largest Group Of Illegal Aliens Enter Yuma Sector

The video was shared again after rancher Fred Davis appeared on FOX News this weekend to address Pelosi’s statement that the wall is immoral.

In the Facebook video, rancher and community leader, John Ladd, offers to send a plane for the Speaker and invites her to stay at his home. “I want to invite Nancy Pelosi here. She went to Texas to see the kids,” said Ladd referring to the surge of Unaccompanied Alien Minors. “So come here and see where the dope and bad guys are coming through the border.”

Davis, who along with Ladd has visited the Capitol over the years to bring attention to the plight of the ranchers tells Pelosi in the video, “Your $2 million dollar a mile fence is trash.”

The video concludes with rancher Chris Bergard telling Pelosi, “Anyone who tells you the border is secure is full of crap.”

The three ranchers issued the invitation to the Speaker while standing in front of a portion of the border fence that is little more than barbed wire.

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  1. Yea, as long as they vote dim, Nancy could care less about the security of the country and its taxpayers. She is simply a lost soul and so are most all dims. They don’t have a clue….BTW, wonder why they don’t invite some of the homeless in this country to camp in their yard. Oh, that’s right, they have fences/walls around their mansions for security.. Silly me.

    • I completely agree with this statement! IF Nancy and Mr. Schumer REALLY CARED about Real Americans, they would make a true effort to work with the president and solve this border issue. Whatever it takes, that’s why these people were voted in to congress. Don’t hold us hostage any longer! It’s just as much Nancy’s fault as it is Trump. DO YOUR JOB and stop fighting and playing the blame game! I’m from Texas so I’m in total agreement with our Arizona friends!!

      • Nonsense.
        There has never been a Wall in history that has kept invading armies, immigrants, or other OUT, and it won’t work now.

        A $20. ladder in Mexico will do the same thing the Israeli’s have found the Palestinians have been able to do…go over!

        And, Mexican cartel’s have proven they can dig UNDER any wall, numerous times, to the point that some areas near urban centers now have high-tech ground sensors installed – warning provided to USBC and they respond with vehicles, etc. NO NEED FOR A WALL.
        Just a wast of government money, which Republicans complain there is too much Federal spending anyway….

        • the great wall in china worked as designed for hundreds of years, only when the greedy politicians (early day democraps I guess) used the funds for the wall for other things and some army posts were deserted did it fail. Also the wall in Israel is working as designed, the berlin wall also worked, but like anything there will be times when there are exceptions and they fail. But most failures occur from HUMAN greed so that was the main cause of failure. Other than that they do work. Wonder why all the politicians have wall in compounds and security guards for themselves but care less for the average american?

        • I agree that walls are not 100% effective, so beside building the wall we need to take away all the incentives, no more free healthcare, food stamps, housing , in other word, no more “freebies “!

        • Why do you put walls up around your house ? To keep from just walking in . Right? So then you build walls in your house then the people have go in through a door which is illegal and you can call the police so you put a lock on it and it makes it harder for them to come in a window or door until police arrive ! But the original walls keep people from just walking in( just like the border) walls work !!!

    • You people are just stupid jerks. This country was built by immigrants. I don’t recall native Americans inviting white people into their country to kill them off and the bison drive them on reservations.

      • People who compare illegal immigrants to legal immigrants and reference Americas history are either ignorant or dishonest. Maybe both. The difference today are the drugs, violence, the fact that they meaning the illegal immigrants can receive financial benefits, welfare, food stamps, wic and not to mention not paying taxes. They use false, illegal documents and stolen identities in many cases. Come here legally and work to make a better life. Stop expecting the American taxpayers to foot the bill for illegal immigrants. I would gladly help pay for a wall to make our borders more secure.

      • Truly that was a horrible injustice which has still not been made right but it doesn’t mean that we need to admit everyone who illegally crosses in to our country. No objection to those that come in taking the legal path. If they are willing to break the law to come in why would we expect them to be law abiding after that?

      • Excellent example..
        Of what happens when you allow invading forces to walk right on in..
        I’ll bet the injuns wish THEY’D built a wall..

      • Mr. Hood you are proving the very point that needs to be made, large amounts of non-assimilating immigrants who are uncounted and hostile to the native population is bad for everyone! If the Native Americans had a strong border then they would not have been destroyed, we must have one now so that we too are not destroyed.

      • Name calling is childish……..our forefathers did the things you mentioned, but they arrived here in what nwas to become the USA , a sparpsely populated land. There was more than enough room for the LEGAL immigrants sent by the various country’s governments
        to settle. We no longer have the same circumstances in the world. The only country wishing to conquer and resettle this country
        would be those factions with the intent of destroying our own government. Yes, ha is what happened in the time before and of Columbus. The indeginous people here were done poorly. Those who wish to reside in the USA should ASK for admittance, not
        violently DEMAND that we allow them to become part of our citizenry just because they demanded it. I have no problem with assisting our neighbors better the living conditions in Mexico and Central America with technical expertise, employment incentives,
        and lucative growth of busiesses there. I do have a great problem allowing proven troublemakers into our country willy- nilly.
        and supporting them without their earning that privilege. Yes –
        PRIVILEGE…. it is not their right to storm our gates or demand ANYTHING!

  2. John Ladd doesn’t need to waste his money to send a plane for Speaker Pelosi, during the shutdown she can fly for free on Southwest, after all bags always fly for free on Southwest!
    The left clearly doesn’t give a chit about America or Americans, being in power is the only thing they seek and that requires votes and the exposed southern provides a steady supply of social service dependant voters (Democratics) for generations.
    We can’t have real voter reform because that would “disenfranchise” voters but without it the looney left does little but “disenfranchise” it’s citizens.
    Once upon a time being an American meant something special, it meant bring part of something great, being part of something greater then yourself. But under visionary liberal control it’s just geography and entitlements.
    When we can solve ALL of our domestic problems, only then can we look outward and solve the problems of others. Until then Chuck and Nancy are truly like more then dual airbags contributing to global warming by running thier faces.

    The Oracle

  3. Great idea, and not just a quick visit. Maybe 2 weeks and with no extra perks or privileges. She claims to be fighting for us then let her live like us. See how safe she feels. She is so quick to talk now she needs to walk the walk. Maybe by being there she can see what we all see. Our country is too broken now. Firstwe need to fix us. Just like when we fly with children. We are told if the air masks come down. The adult needs to put theirs on first so they CAN help the kids. Well Nancy you need to act like the adult, put that mask on first so you can be effective and really help. If you aren’t secured and in good working order you can not possibly be in a good position to help anyone else.

  4. I can understand the frustration and it’s good you all can vent here at the ADS. That said does anyone seriously think pelosi gives a rats butt or even notices the little people anymore? Especially if you vote Republican, she has her own little people that go thru her mail and tosses trash mail in the bin to either be shredded or incinerated.
    pelosi will never see or hear this video. If it was on the news as a challenge, but you all know the MSM will never go for that, maybe as a tweet on twitter or something. Everyone tweet the challenge, she can’t hide from that so long as Twitter allows that, see? the deck is stacked against us.
    I too am frustrated that we can’t do anything to change her mind.

  5. She has no idea what goes on in the real world. She could care less about the drugs and evil that is crossing the unprotected border, her goal is destroy Trump. Thank God for sending Trump, I pray for his success, since his goal is to save America.

  6. If you took Plozi on a tour of all the riverbeds filled with alien trash she’d probably think she was back in San Francisco.

  7. The speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi will be given back her plane she had under Bush a Boeing 757 military code C-32. Land @ Libby field 20 minutes any direction your at the border, Pelosi can make it effortless if wanted

  8. Mr. Ted Nugent said he was going to do a concert to raise money for the border wall. Hopefully the prison will declared a National Emergency put up the wall.

  9. Nancy Pelosi is the poorest excuse for a servant of the people there is.. She forgets we are paying her to do a job. She is nothing but one self centered sick and demented butch.

  10. Fools. Pelosi and the rest are only interested in regaining the White House and as many seats in Congress as possible. They don’t give two shits about the fucking border. They are self serving politicians. Nothing more complicated than that. You could show her 5000 illegal immigrants all with warrants for their arrest and it wouldn’t change their minds at all. You’re fools to believe anything else. God help us.

  11. Don’t you people know that these cartels are funded by Americans who then hire Mexicans to bring them over, right? They don’t tell you that, and they also don’t tell you that Trump hires illegal immigrants as well. He’s part of this problem that he calls a crisis. A bit ironic, don’t ya think?

    • Agree, Dan…. His companies were not in America but now he’s saying how he’s going to bring companies back to America… Has he started by doing it himself?? He is such a liar and a drama queen…. Keeps repeating the same things… Isn’t that how you brain wash people???? He has caused so many hurts to people….his first was to women… then to John McCain and the other Prisoners of War…. Gold Mothers and the list goes on…….

  12. Your property protect it. Your money. Build your own barrier. I dont need my tax money to be used on your property. Protect it however you need to. Leave the rest of us out of it.

  13. The fence/wall should have been completed many years ago. This has only helped the illegal crossings, drugs and money going out of the US for years, make a deal, for the immigrants that came here legally, pay 10,000-$15,000 within 1 year or be deported, but no family migration as the closure. This will help the DEBT crisis and help fund the wall built. Stop money leaving this country and stop illegals from coming over. This caravan is a joke, people just wanting to cross knowing they will be released then off the run. Build the wall the rest of the wall to stop illegals coming and going.

  14. That’s a lie. All immigrants that worked Trump were legal. That was a requirement or he didn’t hire them. He’s very strict about that as the rest of our government should be. He says if they are illegally that’s a crime and they can’t be trusted and he doesn’t want that criminals working for them.he doesn’t have a problem with them being here if they do it legally and they work and pay their taxes like we do. People like you are part of the problem with your lies which makes you no better than Pelosi and Schumer. Lowlife crooks

  15. I’m ashamed of being a Democrat. They have kept us in the dark to long. Then it takes someone with true business knowledge to try to wake them up. Americans it’s time to get hold of all your state people and MAYBE it will be a war among people versus Congress. They R not broke or hungry. Also don’t care workers are being forced to work without pay.WAKE UP!

    • Also most Spanish are here on Agriculture Visas because our young children might learn the hard way about life. Those on visas are legally brought. Puerto Rico is not being helped, Mexico either after devastating weather. Let legal visa holder’s in and send other’s back.




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